The Biggest Reasons We Love Black-ish

Black-ish Boxset

Award-nominated, critically acclaimed and beloved across the globe, Black-ish is one sublime slice of sitcom greatness – and you are cordially invited to fill your boots! Four seasons of the hilarious and heartwarming comedy are available right now on Virgin Box Sets – which means you should be clearing your diary pronto!


Why, you ask? Well, because the show is a legit must-watch; and if you’re in particular need of convincing, we’ve got some pretty big reasons you should get on it sooner rather than later…




No point in beating around the bush here; a comedy lives or dies on whether or not it delivers laughs. Good thing, then, that this one brings the funnies by the bucketload. Led by Anthony Anderson, who’s been tickling our funnybones for donkey’s years, it’s a whip-smart sitcom that’ll have you guffawing from word go…






See what we did there?! A show about a black family in America just wouldn’t be right without paying attention to some of the more meaty matters at hand – and, from race relations to family values, the show never shies away from tackling issues. Indeed, the entire premise – down to the name – is how the family fit into a largely white community, and the commendable commentary along the way has won praise from far and wide.




Whoever your favourite TV clan is right now, wave goodbye; from the second you meet them, you’ll be keeping up with the Johnsons! Dad Dre, mom Bow, and kids Zoey, Junior, Jack and Diane are a household to win your heart – and unlike many examples in the past, they’re a lesson in how any good family unit should get along! OK, so things aren’t always perfect – but then who is?!






The list of celebs who’ve jumped at the chance to strut their stuff as part of the show is as long as it it impressive; Tyra Banks, Kendrick Lamar and Rashida Jones just a handful of the colourful cameos we’ve seen. The show has even caught the eye of the Obamas; Michelle once described it as her favourite show on television; as recommendations go, that one’s got to rank pretty high!




The best comedies always keep you on your toes – and you’ll never know what’s around the corner with this one. From bizarre plot twists to moments of gloriously surreal comedy, the whole thing is a trip that you’ll want to strap in for. Weird is wonderful – and these guys are the proof!





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