F Is For Family And Four More Super Sitcoms From Standup Stars

Best TV StandUp Comedians

The third season of F Is For Family has just arrived on Netflix (Virgin TV 999), and the adult animation is still just as hilarious, heartfelt and heroically entertaining as you remember! Written by and starring the inimitable Bill Burr, it’s a nostalgia-fuelled dive back into the 1970s, and gives any of the outstanding mature cartoons on the box right now a run for their money!



It’s not the only example of a decorated stand-up comedian proving they can mix it in the world of sitcoms, either; here’s a handful more shows that prove that some comics can make the challenge of moving from stage to screen seem like a joke!




Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Aziz Ansari has long been known for stand-up routines that take aim at social issues, so it should come as little surprise that his sitcom tackles the same topics with aplomb. Neither should anybody be shocked that the cheeky charmer is as likeable a leading man as they come. What is of note, however, is how quickly the show carved its own niche within the comedy landscape; from its writing and visual style to its quirks (even having his own dad feature on the show!), there’s little else like it out there…





Available now on All4


Dylan Moran was long regarded as one of this country’s most accomplished comedy exports, but teaming up with Father Ted mastermind Graham Linehan showed a whole new side of his talents. Curmudgeonly bookshop owner Bernard Black ranks among the funniest – and frankest – creations to appear on screen, and the combination of whip-sharp wit and deliciously dark elements in the script made the show an example of caustic comedy at its very finest!





Now showing on Comedy Central Extra, Virgin TV 134


OK, so we’re cheating slightly with this one – it’s not a straight sitcom, after all – but when it’s this funny, can you really blame us? By now, of course, the sassy Statesider has proven that she can do just about anything (books, movies, you name it!) but this gloriously gaga show was the perfect showcase of her abilities when it first appeared. Blending sketches, stand-up and the usual sitcom fare it’s inventive, infectious and incredibly funny – we can’t be the only ones who want her as a bestie, right?!





Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Steve Coogan’s stand-up was based around quite a cast of characters, and some people will still argue that Paul Calf – and his sister Pauline – might have topped the lot! With respect, though, nothing could possibly top the politically incorrect and socially awkward sports reporter who debuted on The Day Today, and became nothing short of a phenomenon. A BBC comeback for early next year already has us salivating, and reliving some of his finest work in this painfully funny three series run only whets the appetite even further!




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