The Comeback Kids
Our Favourite Returning Shows This Month

Finding new favourites is all well and good – but sometimes there’s nothing quite like getting a fresh helping of tried-and-tested telly gold! Whether we’ve been waiting patiently for months, sitting tight for a year, or even wondering if we would ever get another batch of episodes, we’re tickled all sorts of colours by the returns of some superb shows throughout October – and we’ve selected five that have got us especially psyched right here!

Best Returning TV Shows


Season 2 available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Nick Kroll’s animated comedy was rude, crude and ridiculous in all the right ways – so you’ll be happy to know that the second season is very much the same! Nick and Andrew are back, along with their out-of-control hormone monsters, in a cartoon that has smarts and heart behind all the juvenile wisecracks it delivers along the way.






Season 9 begins October 8th @ 9pm, FOX, Virgin TV 126


The long-promised All Out War was exactly that, with last season bringing death and devastation before, finally, a conclusion. So, it’s just happy days from here on out? Ha, we wouldn’t think so either! Already we’ve been teased with the prospect of a leadership battle between Rick and Maggie, and the arrival of the villainous Whisperers – led by Samantha Morton, which should be amazing! Yeah, there’s a few zigs and zags (and zombies!) left in this one just yet…






Season 3 begins October 11th, Netflix, Virgin TV 999


When we left the comic-book crew at the end of the second stanza, Archie was under arrest for murder and Hiram Lodge was on top in the Southside – not ideal, to say the very least! And while things are looking dark, we can’t say we hate where things are going; things are always a bit more interesting when the macabre visits the not-so-tranquil town, and there’s plenty of thrills and spills on the way here!






Season Two begins Sunday October 14th @ 9pm, FOX, Virgin TV 126


Our first fling with the supernatural series was a suspenseful battle between good and evil – so when the lines become blurred you know it’s only going to get more gripping! With a power struggle in the Inner Circle – and a fractured Mutant Underground for good measure – these are turbulent times for the Struckers and their mutant mates; foregoing wild action and special effects for a decidedly more detailed drama, we reckon it’ll be appointment viewing for the next while!






Season Two available October 19th, Netflix, Virgin TV 999


For anyone who spent the end of 2016 utterly transfixed by the true-crime documentary, those prayers you’ve been saying ever since are being answered. While we don’t know exactly what to expect from the new episodes, we’re planning on turning the phone off, locking the front door, and settling in for the mother of all binges when the iconic series resumes!



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