Comeback Kids - The Best Netflix Returns of 2018 so far

There’s nothing like reuniting with old friends – which is why we were SO stoked to see these shows back on Netflix this year. Haven’t seen the latest seasons? Now’s your chance!
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Arrested Development on Virgin TV


The barmy Bluth gang might be the most dysfunctional family on Planet Telly, so it’s little surprise that their return caused an almighty splash! The irreverent and inspired comedy brings the funnies just as much as ever – and the best news is that there’s even more to come! 

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The larger-than-life ring warriors reappeared in an explosion of spandex and suplexes; the fact that there’s even more drama outside the ropes just means there’s plenty for the ladies to grapple with!
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The zany comedy is almost at an end – but it’s going out with an almighty bang! It tackles some surprisingly weighty topics along the way, but the rapid-fire humour and crazy characters make sure it’s still as weird and wonderful as we’ve come to expect! 

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We’d grown used to life in Litchfield, so the changes this summer took us by surprise – and we’re surely not the only ones, yeah?! It was still the smart and original show we first fell for, just that much more intense…and that’s saying something! If you’re not up-to-date, we’d definitely recommend tuning in to find out what’s in store for Piper, Taystee, Nicky and the gang!

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We can’t be the only ones with our fingernails chewed down to the quick, right?! The gritty crime drama is some of the most addictive and immersive viewing in years – just don’t forget to breathe!
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