Best Kids Box Sets For The Mid-Term Break

School’s almost out – and days in front of the telly are very much in! Yes, it seems like only weeks ago that long afternoons in the sun were the order of the day, but with winter well and truly on its way we reckon cosy stretches on the couch are what’s on the cards this mid-term break.

And if that is indeed the case, then fear not; we’ve picked out a selection of superb box sets to keep the kids happy next week…

Best Kids Mid-term Boxsets


Nickelodeon, Virgin TV 604 – also available On Demand


Forget about the last of these quadruplets; if you’re not charmed by this one you’re definitely the odd one out! While they might share a birthday, that’s about all the fab foursome have in common – meaning that it’s pretty wild for both their parents and the viewer! A fun family comedy that’s super-cute beneath it all, this one will have juniors jumping for joy.





Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


If a week in the great outdoors isn’t possible, then this might be the next best thing – because if there’s one thing this mighty mustang loves, it’s adventures across the open plains! There’s excitement in every episode – with a sprinkling of drama, danger and even romance on occasion – in a show that’s enriching and entertaining at every turn.




Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Master Eon’s group of ragtag heroes are brought together in this spin-off from the familiar franchise – and the TV show might just be the best thing they’ve ever done! Colourful capers and exciting adventures are par for the course, needless to say, but where the series really excels is in its humour; plenty to have the young ones laughing, of course, but a feast of smart side-jokes for adults to enjoy too!





Cartoon Network, Virgin TV 620 – also available On Demand


If you think there’s inclement weather in Ireland, then you ain’t seen nothing like Swallow Falls! Marinara-flavoured showers aside, there’s a ton to like about this series, which acts as a prequel to the big-screen capers we’ve all come to love. Flint, Sam, Tim and Steve are all right where you’d expect them, and so is the sort of weird and wacky humour that’ll keep you coming back!




Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


The world’s most terrifying toddler is back, briefcase in hand, to take his place in the boardroom! Picking up from where the Oscar-nominated feature left off, it’s a brilliantly surreal and razor-sharp animation that might just hook mum and dad’s attention as well as youngsters’.




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