The Foreign-Language Netflix Series You Need To See

Best Foreign Language TV shows

From Nordic noir to Spanish soaps, there’s always been reasons to dip your toes into foreign language shows – but in this day and age we’re positively spoiled for choice. Proof positive arrived this weekend in the shape of the second season of The Rain, the excellent Danish sci-fi thriller which seems purpose built for a Netflix binge; hop to Virgin TV 999 right now if you want – we’ll wait!




And whether you’re a cunning linguist or not, there’s bound to be something to tickle your fancy on the streaming service – unfamiliar tongue or otherwise! Get yourself primed for a Duolingo marathon with this lot; subtitles at the ready!




While titled The Paper House in the original Spanish – La Casa De Papel, if you were wondering – this one does exactly what it says on the tin…in the biggest, most spectacular way possible! Planning the biggest roberry in history, a team aims to bag more than €2 billion in Madrid in this heart-stopping heist drama that broke records for a non-English language Netflix show. It’s good timing to get on the bandwagon, too; another batch of episodes are due to land in July…






While you might be familiar with the big-budget, sci-fi heavy American version, boasting Emma Stone, Jonah Hill and a host of other heavyweight stars, it started out life as a Norwegian sitcom – and it’s absolutely glorious. Created by and starring Espen PA Lervaag, it’s the story of a psychiatric patient and his fabulous fantasies; wholly different from the remake, but a must-watch in its own right!





This captivating crime drama, another product of what seems to be a burgeoning Spanish scene, follows a Galician drug lord whose diagnosis with Alzheimer’s sparks a war of succession. There’s piles of pulpy entertainment on offer – rumours, secrets and capers abound! – but it’s also got a definitive prestige sheen to elevate it above any soap-opera comparisons that might jump to mind!






This slick French sci-fi show is a serious project; each episode was reported to cost around €1m to make. We can, however, confirm that it’s money well spent; a study of love in the digital age that’s smart and spectacular in equal measure, fans of Black Mirror and the like should lap it up. We’re not sure their idea of the future is on the money – but if there’s more of this show in the future then we’ll be very happy indeed!






A time-travel treat eminating from Germany, the likes of Stranger Things and Twin Peaks have been used as touchstones for this one; praise indeed! Its sprawling cast and creditably complex plot have drawn plenty of praise too, while lashings of style don’t go amiss either. This is another to get on pretty quickly, as Season Two arrives in June – and we’ve got a feeling it’s going to be big!




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