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We’ve been glued to the second series of Imposters, which is available exclusively on Virgin Box Sets right now; it’s deliciously dark and fantastically funny. And while the show centres on the Inbar Lavi’s con-artist protagonist, no small amount of excitement is prompted by a tough and understated investigator on her trail – played by one Uma Thurman!


Of course, it’s hardly the first time we’ve delighted in seeing an A-lister appear in one of our favourite series – so we’ve picked out five other times a sitcom sprung a starry shock!



Dr Molly Clock, Scrubs

All seasons available now on Virgin Box Sets


JD seemed to have an eye for some familiar-looking love interests through the show’s run – Mandy Moore and Elizabeth Banks also popped up along the way – but it might have been the kooky Sacred Heart psychiatrist who proved the most memorable. Whether singing to her food or starting a domino effect of whistling through the hospital, she always seemed to draw our attention!





Abby, How I Met Your Mother

All seasons available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


The pop princess doesn’t have the greatest track record on screen – Crossroads, anyone?! – but her turn in one of our favourite sitcoms was most certainly a winner. Playing the receptionist at Stella’s office (Stella, coincidentally, played by Scrubs’ Sarah Chalke) she was sugary sweet and adorably innocent, making it all the more troubling when Barney got his grubby mitts on her!






Rita Leeds, Arrested Development

All seasons available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


On the off-chance that the show – perhaps the best comedy of the last two decades – has passed you by until now, we’re not going to ruin the spectacular twist here. What we can say is that the Oscar-winner puts in a performance that stacks up against any of her most striking roles and delivers one-liners that you’ll be repeating for years!






Frederick, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

New episodes Thursdays at 9pm, E4, Virgin TV 112


Captain Holt is terse and terrifying – so who else could play his ex?! Nick Offerman is one of our favourite comedy actors around, so seeing him stop by the Nine-Nine was a real thrill – and with the good news that another year of the top cops has been confirmed, we can even cross our fingers that we’ll see him again!






Sparky, South Park

New episodes on Fridays at 10pm, Comedy Central, Virgin TV 127


Ok, so one of the biggest stars on the planet has agreed to be on your show. What character do you make him play? A dog, of course! Doing things differently is something that the creators of the show have made their trademark, and deploying Gorgeous George in such a weird way most certainly lives up to that reputation!





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