Christmas TV

Christmas Viewing

Sweet Viewing - We’re sure you’re munching on choccies while watching TV, so pick your fave from the Christmas tin and discover the awesome entertainment that awaits you this season...


The Purple One - The Traditional Favourite- Producing the goods year upon year!



The Graham Norton Show

Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103, December 31st New Year’s Eve 


In wouldn’t be complete without our favourite, wonderfully-sarcy talk show host. His guests are still under wraps for now, being this side of Christmas and all that (geddit?!) but so far this season he’s welcomed guests like Michael Bublé, David Walliams, Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, Melissa McCarthy and Emma Stone. Grab the bubbly and get ready to ring in 2019 with Graham’s big red couch of Hollywood stars!



The Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Channel 4, Virgin TV 111, December 26th, 11:20pm


You might need a thick skin to join Jimmy Carr’s panel of funny-people and sarcastic celebs. But luckily, we can enjoy all the gags and good-natured ribbing from the comfort of our couches! Celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, the Big Fat Quiz is nearly a tradition when it comes to reeling in the year.



Mrs. Brown’s Boys Christmas Special

BBC One NI, Virgin TV 108


Coming this Christmas Our favourite Irish Mammy is a staple of the Irish holiday season and this year will see Agnes return for not one, but two specials! If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that Christmas in chez Brown is sure to deliver it’s trusted brand of chaotic comedy right on schedule.



Strawberry Delight - The FUNNY Choice - Proof that there’s something for everyone!



Roast Battle UK Christmas Special

Comedy Central, Virgin TV 127, Monday 10th December, 10pm


Some of the quickest wits in town take aim in a special edition of the comedy combat showcase. With gags that are hilarious and heinous in equal measure, expect boisterous banter and brutal barbs; turns out the turkey won’t be the only thing getting roasted!



Family Guy

FOX, Virgin TV 126, Tuesdays, 10pm


As weird and wacky as ever, the Griffin family are currently tickling funnybones with their sixteenth (yes, sixteenth!) season, with all the off-beat hilarity we’ve come to love over the years. They’re not alone either, with a list of guest stars ranging from Sir Ian McKellen to Kristen Bell – and if those sorts of stars are eager to be involved, then we reckon you should too!



The Green Triangle -The National Treasure - Our homegrown heroes!



Red Rock

Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103, Returns January 2019


If you’re looking to kick off the New Year with a few fireworks, the return of this addictive series looks particularly explosive! Dunne and Callaghan can feel the net closing in as the murder investigation continues, while a new relationship could be doomed before it really gets going. They just can’t catch a break round those parts, can they?!



Box Office

Virgin Media Two, Virgin TV 105, Fridays, 9pm


Reviewing the best new movie releases, interviewing heaps of famous faces and sharing her recommendations for great films, the wonderful Lisa Cannon and the rest of the Box Office crew are your behind-the-scenes ticket to the movie world! She’ll also have a super exciting Christmas special this year. Keep your eyes peeled for more on our social channels.



Toffee Penny - The Hard One - Looking for something with a bit more bite!?



The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Joel and Ethan Coen are second to none when it comes to showing us the surreal side of American storytelling – they have a unique ability to pick up on the crazier characters and put their vivid imaginations to work on them. So, who better to helm this collection of stories from the wild frontier thanthese two brothers? Add stars like Liam Neeson, James Franco and Tom Waits to the concoction and you’ve made for rootin’-tootin’ time!



Full Circle

Seasons 1-3 available now on Virgin Box Sets


American Horror Story may have set the bar for anthology television in recent years, but Full Circle takes it to unexplored territory. The first season tells of 10 couples, all strangers to each other, recounting their own personal tales, but soon it becomes clear that fate can connect people in the most scandalous ways…Once you start tucking into this box set we guarantee you’ll be picking up on creepy coincidences in your own lives!



Coconut Éclair - The International Hit - Putting some foreign flavour in your Christmas!



▶ Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99 

Oh, how much we’ve missed you! The all-singing, all-dancing film acts as both a prequel and a sequel to the original ABBA musical, with a superstar ensemble cast delivering laughs, tears, witty one-liners and – of course – belting tunes! It’s fun, frivolous and a real laugh for the entire family to enjoy, plus it’s set in glorious Greece – honestly, how could you resist?!



▶ Ready Player One

Sky Cinema, Virgin TV 301- December 21st, 8pm


A battle of gamers and gangsters provides the basis for Steven Spielberg’s latest triumph – and it’s a level above the rest! A nostalgic action-adventure brimming with clever cultural nods, vivid visuals and awesome action, it’s the type of big-budget blockbuster that will overwhelm you from the second it begins.