The Phone Cameras To Capture Your Summer Memories

Best Camera Phones

Sun, sea, sand, and whatever other stuff you manage to fit in there; oh, it’s summer alright! And whatever you’re getting up to these days, we can guarantee you’ll want to relive it come the cold winter months!


That’s why having a cracking phone camera at your disposal is all-important – and why the top smartphones out there have become as much of a summer must-have as sunscreen and shades! But which are the sharpest shooters around? We’ve picked out three weapons of choice when it comes to capturing every single memorable moment…





There’s an absolute mountain to love about Samsung’s flagship phone reaching double figures – and the camera sitch certainly doesn’t let things down! Three rear cameras – a main 12-megapixel unit, an ultra-wide 16-megapixel number, and a telephoto lens for awesome zooming – mean it’s got incredible versatility, while the various modes and settings offer plenty of control.


It’s also got nifty edge detection technology – meaning that what you’re actually trying to capture, whether it’s a flower or a friend, will be front and centre of proceedings. Just another reason this phone is such a hit!





The Cupertino crew didn’t half push the boat out with this one, an apparent attempt to be the all-round EST – the biggest, smartest, brightest…you get the idea! And, sure enough, their efforts when it came to photography went the whole hog as well.


With two on the back, one in the front – something like a technological mullet – they all featured upgrades from all previous iPhone incarnations. The most striking of these is the Smart HDR feature; capturing as soon as you open the app to avoid shutter lag, and combining multiple shots to try to avoid overexposure, it makes for one reliable device!





Aside from a name that an embarassing amount of people still can’t pronounce, the one thing Huawei is known for is having one of the best photography games around. Little surprise, then, that the latest iteration of their pride and joy boasts cracking camera capability; you can’t get away with using a tagline about rewriting the rules of photography otherwise, now could you?!

From its 40-megapixel main event to a telephoto lens that seems to be able to pick up even the most minute details, it’s the sort of kit that could make a professional photographer ditch their bag of tricks!



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