The Best of the Box – The Classic Box Sets You Need to Watch


Sometimes it can feel like there’s so much great television series starting everyday, and it’s hard to fathom all those big hit from the box of yesteryear that we missed out on. No need to fret, though – Virgin Media Ireland have your back on this one! We’ve added some new releases to our extensive library of Box Sets, from the big classics to newer titles staking their claim to the title, so you don’t have to miss out even if you’ve had your finger off the pulse for sometime now, or you just want to check back in with your old favorites.





If J.J. Abrams hadn’t fully made the jump to being a household name with his turn of the millenium efforts like Felicity and Alias, he was surely one of the most talked about television producers by the time this desert island drama finished up in 2010. Lost is consistently ranked by critics as one of the greatest television series of all time, showering it with praise and awards throughout its six year run for its compelling drama and supernatural twists and turns. Now, all six seasons of the groundbreaking series are available on Virgin Box Sets, so if you didn’t watch it first time around you can finally check out what all the fuss was about! And if you are as big a Lost fan as any of us, you’ll know there’s plenty of reasons to watch it again and again.


Criminal Minds


If there’s a psychopath on the loose in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? The BAU, that’s who! Criminal Minds’ team of top investigators have solved their share of grizzly crimes in the last decade and show no signs of stopping, with season 14 still airing until the beginning of February. We’ve got the other whopping 13 seasons of murder and mystery available at the click of a button, so why not jump in! It’s the perfect show for a rainy weekend binge session.




The last seven years wouldn’t have been as much fun without following Olivia Pope’s scandalous saga as a fixer in the midst of the US government. The whole show came to a close last year, but we’re still reeling from the crazy story of a fixer on the inside of a presidential campaign, and it has all the signs of being heralded a classic in coming years. If you’re looking for a show with no shortage of thrills, twists and cliffhangers, this one’s for you! 


Ugly Betty


She may not be as glamorous as Olivia Pope, but the titular Betty in this show is just as career-driven and faces probably the same amount of drama in her day! A pioneering comedy in its time, Ugly Betty has layers that other television comedy might lack, and serves as an uproarious but kind-hearted takedown of the fashion magazine industry. Fans of The Devil Wears Prada should take note of this one.


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