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The Great British Bake

Christmas Not Your Thing? Christmas isn’t for everyone – so if you’re not feeling festive, find an escape with these decidedly unseasonable suggestions…


Mandy- Is Halloween more your scene? If it is then this gloriously gory frightfest will be right up your alley! Featuring Nicolas Cage at his wild and wacky best, it’s a riotous watch that’s guaranteed to transport you far from the seasonal family gathering taking place in the next room!

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The Great British Bake-Off Turkey, ham, and all the trimmings? Not for you – apple turnovers all the way! The tent appears to be pretty much immune to the outside world at the best of times, so we’re pretty certain you’ll find respite with Noel, Sandi and the cakes-perts cooking up a storm…

Available to stream now on All4


Narcos: Mexico - The Mexican cartel’s antics are a pretty far cry from the Christmas spirit! The show features an almost entirely new cast – including a new batch of despicable drug dealers. The addictive cat and- mouse chase between the criminals and the cops is present and correct again though, as are heaps of satisfying style!

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Best Netflix Series to Unwrap This Holiday Season. Tis the season to indulge so why not dive into one of these whopper series? Head over to Virgin TV 999 to access Netflix now... 



Seasons 1-3 available now.

This modern update on the beloved Archie Comics was a massive hit when it landed in 2017, the crazy mix of high school drama, murder-mystery and quirky comedy enthralling its audiences and leaving everyone wanting more. The third season recently dropped and to say it’s the most jaw-dropping yet is a massive understatement!


Seasons 1-2 available now. This immensely likeable show definitely fits its title, because it’s far from the usual fare! Tracking a teenager with autism as he eyes up an independent future – and his family’s struggles with the change they face – it’s sensitive and side-splitting in equal measure. The performances are outstanding and the writing intelligent; what more could you ask for?!



Seasons 1-3 available now.

Whether you know him as Jimmy McGill or Saul Goodman, there’s one thing we can all agree on; Bob Odenkirk’s character is quite simply one of the best on the box! The third season of the Breaking Bad prequel is another lesson in crafting terrific telly; when it comes to combining uproarious comedy and unbearable tension, few shows can compare! Watch out for Breaking Bad faves Mike and Gus too!



Seasons 1-2 available now

Clever, cheery and delightfully crude, it might not be for the faint of heart – but there’s plenty of heart-warming sentiment behind the hilarity! The pleasant pair of Andrew and Nick (and their less-than-pleasant hormone monsters) return for more juvenile hi-jinks, in a show that furthers the argument that animation is an adult’s game these days!

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* Based on the Netflix study of prime time