Five Shows Compelling Enough To Devour In One Sitting

Best Boxsets to binge watch

The box set binge is one of the most ubiquitous concepts around; even your granny gets shows six at a time these days! But the true test of a seriously addictive series is whether you can gobble up the whole thing without leaving the couch; the one-day special.



We’ve had a go at picking out five prime candidates for a single-seating watch; a quintet of shows so tight that you’ll be pushing bedtime back in order to get to the end. So whether you have a thirst for true crime, an appetite for action, or you’re craving a comedy, here are some shows that will have you glued to the sofa…



Season One available now on Virgin Box Sets


A one-and-done sci-fi thriller starring Steve Zahn in serious mode, this supernatural series is stuffed with small-town drama – and a healthy sprinkling of twists and turns too. With eleven episodes in total, it’s a propulsive watch, while the shadowy central story is one you won’t be satisfied in leaving unsolved!




Season One available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


True crime dramas are popping up everywhere you look – so when many commentators are calling this perhaps the most important example of the genre, it’s time to pay attention! The story of a teenager charged with lying about being assaulted – and the police who investigate the story – is emotionally powerful and profoundly heartbreaking; make sure to have a full day’s worth of tissues to hand before diving into this one!




Season One available now on Virgin Box Sets


While you might think of chocolate and beer when we mention Belgian exports, a series like this makes us think they could earn quite the reputation for telly too! Based around a meticulously planned bank heist, the show’s secret weapon is in its unusual format; with each pair of episodes covering the same time period from a different point of view – the hostages and the hostage-takers, it’s tense, taut and utterly thrilling!




Season One available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Ryan Murphy is responsible for a list of hits as long as your arm – but he’s showing no signs of stopping here! The race for student body president is at the heart of this sharp satire, which boasts an extraordinary cast; Ben Platt might be the main man, but the likes of Jessica Lange, Gwyneth Paltrow and Dylan McDermott also appear. An eight-parter just begging to be binged, this one certainly gets our vote!




Season One available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Awesome action is usually the reserve of the big screen – which is part of the reason why we were blown away by this high-kicking cracker! A feast for the eyes packed with stunning set pieces, you’re also guaranteed to be wowed by the careful choreography of the fantastic fight scenes; it’s hard to think of a show that will have you working up such a sweat from the sofa!



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