App-y Holidays! The Apps You Need For A Hassle-Free Christmas



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‘Tis the season alright – but from the stress of cooking Christmas dinner to the frantic effort to make sure everyone gets a great gift, there’s plenty to leave you feeling not particularly jolly! Thankfully, like just about everything else in life, there’s an app for that; plenty of them, in fact…

Thinking about that enormous turkey can leave even experienced chefs shaking in their boots – not to mention the smorgasbord of sides! This one takes a lot of the pressure off, though; it guides you through 15 different recipes to make sure that your festive feast goes off without a hitch.

It’s a time for giving, yes, but nobody warns you how tricky it can be! From overspending to forgetting your best ideas, procuring perfect presents is no joke; luckily, those issues and more are handled adeptly by this clever programme. Jot down ideas, control your budget, and tick the list off as you go – just remember to check it twice!

The traditionally terrible traffic makes Christmas a period when a quick dash to the shops can turn into a marathon journey, so having the experts on hand to warn of delays and dangers is a smart move. There’s every chance you might have this one on your phone already – but at such a busy time of year, it really comes into its own!

Over the past few years, the hot-footing helpers have become as synonymous with the season as mince pies and carols – and with good reason! Spruced up with brand new routines, it once again allows up to five faces to be transplanted onto the boogieing bodies; even if it’s not the first time you’ve seen it, it still gets the laughs!

Bringing Whoville’s most notorious resident right into your pocket, children will love the chance to snap themselves as the Christmassy crank. With 20 different ‘Grinchmas’ cards to personalise, you can choose to email them to friends and family or simply save them to the app’s library – your heart growing by three either way!


While we reckon he’s looking extremely well for a man of his considerable age, you now have the chance to give Santa a makeover! Once you’ve had your way with a scissors, a trimmer and a hairdryer, Mr Claus’ coiffe will never look the same!

A no-brainer, right? If you can’t find something here, there’s a good chance it simply doesn’t exist. Every item you could possibly require for the holidays can be tracked down and delivered straight to your door – meaning your complete Christmas preparation is convenient to boot!

If you’ve got a young ‘un for whom the days simply can’t go by quickly enough, this is the app you need. With animated characters and a sizeable soundtrack of seasonal songs, there’s plenty to make the countdown fly by – and with a clock that times the approach of December 25 down to the second, you’ll know just how long is left to go!


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