cast of Friday Night Dinner

Whether it’s binging brilliant box sets or catching up with current favourites, the treats waiting on your telly have just stepped up a notch – because All4 has just landed on Virgin TV!


Hit your On Demand button, and you’ll find one of the finest TV players on the planet, packed with terrific titles to dive into right now! From cracking comedy and delicious drama to documentaries, reality TV, and just about anything else you can think of, you’ll find countless hours of awesome entertainment; in fact, the only difficulty will be figuring out where to start!


And with that in mind, we’ve plucked out a handful of highlights to get you started…



Seasons 1-6 available now


While much of Channel 4’s comedy output hardly needs introduction, there’s a chance this criminally underrated show might have slipped under your radar – a situation that should be remedied immediately! Checking in with the Goodman family as they gather around the table, it’s a cringey comedy that wins with an outstanding cast, increasingly madcap premises, and a cavalcade of whip-sharp gags – and you’ll be thankful your own clan isn’t like this!




Seasons 1-3 available now


It’s a double dose of Simon Bird if you’ve already watched FND – but in a show that’s a completely different animal! The sitcom that launched a thousand memes (ooooh, friend!) is crude, rude and lewd, and all the while one of the most outrageously accurate depictions of teenage life ever committed to camera. Whether you’re watching the fearsome foursome from behind a pillow or with baited breath, there’s little else quite like it; brace yourself...



Seasons 1-3 available now


Can every self-respecting Irish viewer recall every episode word-for-word? Yes. Does that make it any less enjoyable to watch what might just be the greatest sitcom ever created? No, it absolutely does not! The priests of Craggy Island may have hung up their collars more than 20 years ago, but the show remains a jaw-dropping achievement in comedy; sometimes crazy, sometimes clever, and never short of magnificent, it’s one to watch, and rewatch, and rewatch for the rest of time...



Seasons 1-2 available now


The successor to the throne when it comes to world-beating wonders made here at home, if you’re not aware of this one then you might just have come up the Foyne in a bubble! The story of four teenage girls – and one unlikely, unfortunate fella! – coming of age in the Maiden city, it’s a work of bittersweet brilliance that will have you howling with laughter and weeping with emotion in one fell swoop. We’re already counting down to the third instalment, but luxuriating in the first two fabulous batches isn’t a bad way to pass the time..




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