Back Of The Net! What Makes Alan Partridge A Comedy Treasure

Alan Partridge TV Comedy Gold

Forget a Bondathon – lately, we’ve been mainlining north Norfolk’s broadcaster nonpareil; the legend that is Alan Partridge. This Time with Alan Partridge (BBC1, Monday @ 9.30pm) is leaving us in convulsions of amusement and awkwardness on a weekly basis – but with this bloke that’s par for the course.




And while we’re running out of time to spend time with This Time, it’s not like we’re short of options; much like the wrapping paper on a cherished Yuletime gift, Alan is all over the box. Two his seminal series – Knowing Me, Knowing You and I’m Alan Partridge – are streaming right now on Netflix (Virgin TV 999), while you can dive into his only big-screen outing thus far with Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99.




There’ll never be a better time to celebrate the king of cringey comedy, then; and here’s a tiny taste of what you can look forward to!




Of all the compliments you can pay to Steve Coogan’s genius creation, top of the list must be that fact that he’s never not funny. Whether wagging chins with celebrity guests, quizzing the Norwich public on their towel washing habits, or jamming to Gary Numan in his campervan, it’s always hilarious. And the fact that it’s lost no potency over almost 30 years? Well, that’s almost impossible to explain!








As a broadcasting behemoth (or at least a wannabe one), Alan has seen his share of gigs – and they’ve all skewered their real-life counterparts with unerring accuracy. From mid-morning radio and celebrity talk shows to his current target of The One Show (let’s not even pretend otherwise!), their ludicrous nature is part parody, part perfect reconstruction. For those in the industry, it must make them think about the fact that…





We’re all prone to saying the wrong thing here and there. We’ve all pretended to like a band we’re not actually fans of. We’ve all tried desperately to fit in – or stand out – and floundered in trying to impress. Basically, we’re all Alan; which, yes, is a slightly disturbing thought. Needless to say, he’s having the last laugh…




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