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For eight years, we were gripped by the shocks, scandal and surprises of Desperate Housewives – and now we get to enjoy them all over again! Every episode of the beloved show is now available on Virgin Box Sets – and it turns out the women of Wisteria Lane are just as good company the second time around!





If you’ve never seen the show before, then dive into all eight seasons right now; if you’ve already watched the show though, relive some of the shocking moments that we’ve never been able to forget…




Talk about starting with a bang! It took all of a minute for the excitement and intrigue of the show to appear in full view, as the idyllic suburban setting was quickly illustrated to be a lot more than meets the eye. Make no mistake about it – the second that narrator Mary Alice pulled the trigger, we were well and truly hooked…







In the long and dramatic history of the show, this is still an event that gets fans talking. Nosy neighbour Carolyn may not have been in the show for long, but boy did she leave her mark; the tension watching this one is so bad that we still can’t sit through it without chewing our fingernails off!







Natural disasters are always going to cause a shock, but Lynette’s fears that her entire family has been lost in the tornado had us gasping with disbelief. It was probably the best cliffhanger the show ever came up with – we dare you to try and watch it without throwing the next episode on straight away!







Cagey Katherine was most definitely hiding something when she arrived; we just didn’t know what it was! And while the big reveal wasn’t necessarily what we’d imagined – passing a Romanian orphan off as her daughter, Dylan – it certainly caught us by surprise…




The end of season four had left us thinking we’d be without Edie going forward – until a timeline jump meant she was right back for the fifth instalment, hunky new husband and all. Car trouble and a faulty electrical wire meant there was little doubt by the end of that year, though – and we couldn’t believe our eyes!




Perhaps this is what happens when your road’s Christmas decorations are so striking it looks like a runway! Fireworks during the festive season is something of a TV trope by now, but we’ve got to admit that this one was unlike just about anything we could possibly have anticipated!




Of all the romances over the years, the storied tale of Susan and Mike was always our favourite – even if they brought the idea of on/off to whole new levels! From the moment he crossed a loan shark we imagined it probably wouldn’t end too well, but even then our jaws dropped when he was gunned down right in front of his own home.






All good things come to an end – this much we know. Still though, we had to pinch ourselves as we looked upon Wisteria Lane for the very last time. We’d love to know what they’re all up to right now…but failing that, another go-round of the episodes we loved so much will have to do!


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