Six Smashing Albums To Do Christmas With A Difference

best christmas albums

The street lights are hanging, the window decorations set up, and the music has begun – it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! Yes, it might still be November, but the festive season has most certainly begun…and that means there’s a fair bit to get through before Santa actually comes to town!


And while we can’t make the days pass faster, we can definitely make some recommendations about how to make the wait that bit more bearable – starting with some selections to avoid overplaying Christmas tunes for the next six weeks! We’ve picked out a bunch of alternatives to get you through…





The Australian has always been a little bit left-of-centre, so it’s probably little enough surprise that her festive effort isn’t quite the norm. ‘Santa’s Coming For Us’ is actually a tune, even though the title sounds properly sinister, and there’s plenty more to have you jingling bells for a few weeks…




Various Artists


Harry Potter fan? Well, step right up then; this one’s just for you! With tunes by The Parselmouths and Draco and the Malfoys – and, needless to say, every single second in some way related to the Boy Wizard – it’s a strange and silly experience – but then, that’s a large part of Christmas!






If you’ve ever felt that nights gathered around the fire are lacking a bit of four-to-the-floor, then let us settle that problem right now. The deep house DJ known for his residency in Las Vegas nightclub KAOS decided to get in on the act, and the result is actually not too bad; deck the halls with strobes and woofers…






Yes, they’re still around. The blondie brothers who mmmBopped their way into our lives more than two decades ago remain doing their thing, including this seasonal cut. They actually had one back in their heyday, too – but approach 1997’s Snowed In at your own risk!




Sufjan Stevens


The Michigan-born maverick loves a bit of a project, so nobody should be too surprised that this one exists; a collection of five EPs that share the holiday theme. They’re actually pretty amazing, too; a devoted Christian, it’s actually serious recordings as opposed to simple holiday fun.




James Brown


The Godfather of Soul managed to put his own inimitable spin on seasonal fare; we promise you won’t find ‘Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto’ too many other places! It’s just as funky as it says on the tin, though – so if fancy a festive boogie, look no further!



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