The Long Goodbye – Six Of The Best TV Shows Ending In 2020

tv shows ending in 2020

We’ve only just said sayonara to 2019 – but don’t think that’s it for farewells. No, there’s some more goodbyes to be uttered shortly enough; these ones to some shows that have set the standard for terrific telly across the past few years.


And while parting is such sweet sorrow, it’s not over yet – so savour every moment! Because when we head into 2021, it’ll be without this lot…



Netflix, Virgin TV 999


For a show that’s all about the notion that the end is not the end, it’s sad to think that we really might not see Eleanor and the gang again after January. It’s been one of the most inventive shows on telly in years – as well as one of the funniest; but since it stands up to repeat viewings, we won’t be letting go quite yet!




Sky One, Virgin TV 114


The extended Pritchett clan has grown in front of our eyes over the past 11 years; sending them into the big, bad world alone is going to be heartbreaking! We’ve seen so much of this lot, though, we can almost imagine what they’ll be up to even if the cameras don’t catch it!



Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Raising the bar for adult animation, this dark and sharp comedy has had a stunning run – and only improved with every episode. The fact that it’s a Netflix original means it’ll be there for us to enjoy forever, though; anybody making a show in the future would be well advised to take notes…




Channel 4, Virgin TV 111


Perhaps, as Carrie Mathison and co. check out, our fingernails will finally have a chance to grow back; we’ve been biting them down to the quick for eight years now! It’s had more twists and turns than the road to Sligo, and we’ve got a feeling there’s a few more in store before it finally bows out!



RTÉ 2, Virgin TV 102


We think of this show as the Take That of telly; this is how comebacks should be done! The reboot saw the group all grown up – while just as funny – and served as both a reminder of how great it was the first time round, and proof that class is permanent. They say this is it – but since they said it before, we’ll never say never!




History, Virgin TV 217


Having spent years gazing at the wonder of the Wicklow mountains, we’re now going to be – well, actually, they’re still just a drive away, really! We’ll miss the show, though; a great, galloping story of heroes and horned helmets which neatly blended history and histrionics to magnificent effect…


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