The Apps To Keep Students Sharp Through The Summer

Best Brain training Apps

Alice Cooper once sang that school’s out for the summer – and for students all over the country, that’s very true. He then, however, sang that school’s out forever; unfortunately, that one doesn’t quite check out. We don’t mean to be Debbie Downers, but September’s going to roll around eventually!


And while soaking up the sun (hopefully!) and enjoying some down time (definitely!) remain the most important things on the to-do list, it wouldn’t hurt to keep your eye in when it comes to study – but that doesn’t have to mean hauling a book bag about. Instead, grab your phone and check out these awesome apps to help keep the brain ticking throughout the summer months…




Available for Android and iOS


A general brain-training tool, this is one that could be handy for everyone – scholars or otherwise! With games designed to improve cognitive skills like focus, memory, maths and comprehension, it’s the perfect solution to make sure your brain doesn’t get too much of a break!




Available for Android and iOS


Higher Level maths students need not apply, but for younger number-crunchers this is an excellent combination of platform gaming and some sneaky teaching! Good wholesome fun, it’s arithmatic for primary school kids that’s likely to have them hooked like homework never could!




Available for Android and iOS


There’s no shortage of language apps knocking about these days, but this one remains the granddaddy of them all. Bite-sized lessons and impressively intuitive instruction will have your vocab, grammar and even pronunciation on the up, and the range of languages included means it doesn’t matter whether you hablar, sprechen, parler or parla – they’re all covered!




Available for Android and iOS


The ultimate arty-party for your phone, this fabulous creation is a collaboration with museums and galleries all over the world, bringing the most iconic artwork on the planet to the palm of your hand. It’s especially useful if you’re on your travels, as it provides recommendations based on what’s around and info on anything you might find…




Available for Android and iOS

Math and science for those who really want to kick on, this is one serious bit of kit. More than 40,000 questions – along with 10,000 videos and explanations – make up its mammoth syllabus, which is catered to a wide age range, while frequent tests are used to track your progress. It’s well-regarded by top-flight universities and some legit academic types – far from a game, is what we’re saying!




Available for Android and iOS


A long-established web resource now branching into mobile learning, this interactive wonder drills the fundamentals of coding in a whole variety of languages. From flashcards to revisit lessons to a chance to learn new syntax, it’s the perfect accompaniment to its web-based big brother – as long as an app to teach you about building your own apps of the future isn’t too Inception-ey for you!



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