Five Stars We’ve Been Watching For Years!

Forever Famous Stars

There’s something about child stars suddenly appearing all grown up that makes us all feel kinda old – but there’s a flipside! Yes, there’s a secret to eternal youth (or the feeling of it, at least), and that’s following the career of a star you’ve loved for decades.


To that end, there’s a few evergreen ever-awesome talents still lighting up our lives after all this time; here’s five who seem to be around forever…



No Good Nick, available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Having grown up with the teenage witch – and the ever helpful Clarissa, for that matter – there’s a whole generation stunned to see the actress still strutting her stuff on this new Netflix show. And indeed, it’s an absolute riot! She’s not lost any of her comic chops across three decades; that’s a piece of magic Sabrina would be proud of…





South Park, seasons 4-6 available now on Virgin Box Sets


He arrived a foul-mouthed pre-teen that wowed us all…and he’s still the exact same. That’s the joy of “ageing” in a cartoon universe, we guess! Still, it’s incredible to think how fresh and funny the antics of he and his Colorado crew are having first appeared in 1997…yeah, we found that pretty scary too!





Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, now showing on Sky Cinema, Virgin TV 300


Forget believe in life after love – do you believe she’s still going strong after all these years?! She’s rocked the charts, she’s stormed the stage, she’s shone on screen, and she single-handedly introduced the world to auto-tune. And, as her turn in this ABBA-tastic sequel proves, she’s far from done! Also; bonus points for being so extra on Twitter…





The Old Man & The Gun, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99


The legendary actor and director might have announced his retirement, but boy does he know how to make an exit! 50 (yes, fifty) years after he was the Sundance Kid, he once again played a fugitive – and showed that the years have done nothing to diminish his charm or charisma. Even when playing a criminal, you can’t help but root for him; that’s a quality that even Father Time can’t steal away…





Our Planet, available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


About to turn 93 years young, the iconic broadcaster would be well within his rights to grab his pipe and slippers and leave the showbiz world behind. Instead, he’s making some of the most intriguing and interesting work of a career absolutely stuffed with it! His voice, it seems, is like rain in Ireland; you can always count on it being around!




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