Five Superb Shows To Catch This Week

With the kids on midterm, it might be a busier week than most – as though things weren’t busy enough, says you! – so your telly time might be at a premium. You’d best make it count, then, and we’re going to help you do that; we’ve selected the cream of the TV crop for the coming week, to make sure you catch the very best on the box over the next seven days…

Best TV shows 2018


Wednesday @ 8pm, Sky One, Virgin TV 110


There’s a certain irony that these guys would return on Halloween night – the only crew who don’t need to pretend to be superheroes! Atom, Steel and the rest of the marvellous mutants are back for a fourth season – and it’s a threat in the unlikely location of Woodstock that needs sorting first. With a combo of excellent effects and smart comic-book nostalgia, there’s little surprise it’s won favour with fans of the genre; truth be told, though, it’s one for just about everybody…





Monday @ 9pm, Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103


Manicurists must be doing good business around the country right now, because this one has us all biting our nails on a weekly basis! The moody drama is edge-of-the-seat stuff, and while the revelations regarding Barry’s dad – and the fallout the new info caused – left us with a severe case of the Bank Holiday blues, something tells us there’s a twist or two in the road yet. AND, if you’re a Virgin Media subscriber, you don’t have to wait to find out – next week’s episode is available exclusively On Demand right now!




Thursday @ 9pm, Channel 4, Virgin TV 113


It’s one of the biggest budget series of the year – and now we have lift-off! Featuring a blue-chip cast led by Sean Penn, the plot is based on the inaugural manned mission to Mars, and the product is just as epic as the concept. Gently paced and packing an emotional punch thanks to its focus on the families back home as well as the daredevils in space, it looks and sounds as impressive as any television you’ll see…





Saturday @ 3pm, Sky Sports Main Event, Virgin TV 401


As the Autumn Internationals ease into action, there’s little question which of the weekend’s games stands out. Following a hard-fought Test series in June, when the Springboks emerged victorious 2-1, two of world rugby’s superpowers face off again – this time on the hallowed turf of Twickenham. Scheduling complications mean the Boks are shorn of a handful of players, but all eyes will be on the men in white anyway; having gone from world-beaters to also-rans in the past nine months, Eddie Jones’ men have a point to prove…




Available from Friday on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


After five seasons as the not-so-secret weapon in the show’s arsenal, Claire Underwood is front and centre as the newly minted President in the final season of the seminal political drama. It’s as dark and moody as before, and it doesn’t take long for a crisis to rear its head – with the exciting addition of Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear adding shedloads of tension to proceedings…as if it wasn’t nail-biting enough already!




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