Five Sure Signs Christmas Is On The Way

Even those who try to delay its onset have to give in. They can hear those sleigh bells ringing, smell the mince pies, and taste the sheer anticipation in the air – it’s almost Christmas!

Christmas TV 2019



If you still needed convincing, the signs are all around, from what’s appearing on the box to sights on the streets. Here’s five of our sure-fire ways to tell that the festive season is upon us – just don’t panic if you’re shopping’s not finished yet!


Now broadcasting on 102.5FM, Virgin TV 900


This week sees the annual feast of festive fun return to the airwaves with the reappearance of Christmas FM. The eleventh year that the pop-up station will provide the soundtrack to the season, they’re also doing their bit for goodwill by partnering with Temple Street to raise money for a fantastic cause. And, just in case you didn’t know, you can get the station on your TV too – it will be on Virgin TV 900 all month long. All together now – “make my wish come truu-uuuuuueee…”



Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


Now, we have a confession to make here; we see absolutely nothing wrong with watching this stone-cold classic in the middle of the summer. Some people, though, insist that it’s a Christmas-only type of deal – which means that when everyone is game to meet Kevin and the stooges, it must be that time of year! It still packs plenty of laughs, and is one of those rare gems that keeps the entire family happy – long may it reign! 



Friday Nov 30 @ 9.35,RTÉ One, Virgin TV 101


Trying to explain the TV event of the year to anyone from outside of Ireland is like teaching physics to a cat – it just leads to confusion all round. For everyone familiar with the tradition, however, the sheer sight of a light-entertainment presenter in a gaudy woolly jumper playing with children’s toys means we’re in business as far as Christmas is concerned. Tubs has been crushing it during his tenure, too, so we can’t wait to see how the opening number – and all the rest – will turn out!



Available for Android and iOS


Every year these videos start flooding in come December – and they manage to get us laughing everytime! Putting faces on dancing elves is a clever idea, and every iteration includes a few new twists (no pun intended!) to keep it fresh. A lot of office traditions can be a little bit, er, dubious, but this is one that’s always welcome once the end of the year is in sight!




OK, so we might not yet be at the level of some of our continental counterparts, but Irish cities are making waves with their twist on Christmas markets. Whether it’s the continental market on Eyre Square in Galway, the Glow Cork event in the southern city, or the various attractions that pop up at Waterford’s heaving Winterval, chances are there’s a winter wonderland somewhere near you right now – and nothing will be quite as effective when it comes to getting you in the spirit!



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