Five Fierce Females On The Box Right Now

You’re probably already aware of this – but some of TV’s hardest heroes wear heels. The days of the action men are over, and it’s now time for the girls to run the world! From political movers to superhero shakers, there’s a whole lot of girl power on our screens; here’s five of the best on the box right now…

Fierce TV Females


House of Cards, available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Diligently serving as First Lady was more than enough to establish her bonafides – but now that she’s risen to the rank of Leader of the Free World, there’s no denying that this brilliant bureaucrat is as tough as they come! The final season of the epic political drama sees all manner of challenges laid in her path, so she needs to call on every bit of that strength and savvy, too…






Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., available now on Virgin Box Sets

When one woman has earned the nickname of ‘The Cavalry’, you know she’s got to be pretty special. And sure enough, the veteran pilot, experienced soldier, weapons expert and all-round wonder-woman has the skills of a hundred people combined! An organisation with so much responsibility needs a suitably superb figurehead – and that’s our Melinda!





Finding Joy, Wednesday @ 9.35pm,, RTÉ One, Virgin TV 101

She might have stumbled into her role as the toast of the vlogging world, but the unlikely hero is now killing it! The comedy is a warm and altogether witty affair – and though the final episode is almost upon us, you can hop on the RTÉ Player catch-up service to see the whole season before it’s too late!





Riverdale, available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999

She might have started out as a bit of a girl-next-door – but we now know the whip-sharp Serpent is something else entirely! Always ready to throw down to protect her friends and family, she’s also a formidable detective when necessary, with her sleuthing skills coming in handy on numerous occasions! After all, it’s the sort of town where there’s plenty to discover…





The Walking Dead, Monday @ 9pm, FOX, Virgin TV 126

This sword-wielding superstar is so bad-ass she doesn’t even need a surname! One of those characters who seems to be able to do it all, everything from raising a family to fighting off zombies by the truckload is all in a day’s work for her – and as we’ve just found out as the show jumped forward, it looks like things might be even busier from here on!




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