Five Documentaries To Send A Shiver Down Your Spine

We’re right in the middle of spooky season, with Halloween fast approaching. And while we’re suckers for a horror movie marathon or binging our favourite scary shows, we also love a good documentary – and there’s plenty to get your heart racing for the most morbid month that’s in it! Here’s five to supply the frights right now…

Scary Documentaries


Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


It’s back! Ever since the case of Steven Avery, his nephew Brendan, and the murder of a young woman in Wisconsin had us hooked two years ago, we wondered whether we’d see more of the intriguing story. The second series catches us up on the goings-on since then – and trust us when we say there’s been plenty!





Available now On Demand via Discovery Channel


This true-crime doc comes with a twist, where a person connected with a high-profile murder discusses the case. From heart-stopping dramatic re-enactments to emotional reflections, it’s hard-hitting stuff, and we promise you’ll be thinking about what you’ve seen long after the credits roll!




Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Kerry-born Father Malachi Martin was a real-life exorcist – so yeah, it’s pretty creepy from the beginning! Using interviews, reconstructions and archival evidence, a quite bizarre and unsettling story is told; don’t blame us if you need to sleep with the light on after this one!





Now showing on Sky Witness, Virgin TV 124


A true-crime series with the spotlight focused on law enforcement efforts to track some blood-chilling criminals, it offers a real insight into the way investigations unfold. Of course, it also contains all sorts of creepy details about the murders and their perpetrators – so best not watch this one immediately before bed!




Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Kidnapping, robbery, murder, exploitation and manipulation; that’s a whole lot to pack in! The story of Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong is as unnerving as it is unusual, and the dogged determination to get to the truth over the course of years of investigation gives it a sense of intensity and intrigue that’s sure to keep you under its spell!




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