Tech That!

This year could see innovation hit a new peak in mobile technology, so we’re rounding up some of the best advancements so far and giving a sneak peak at what’s to come...

Save Face


When facial recognition software first appeared on the scene it was imagined as a futuristic alternative to the pesky PIN, but it didn’t go very far towards keeping phones secure. A couple of years is all it takes though to perfect the formula, and 2019 is rumoured to be the year that sees facial recognition software rolled out en masse.


In Charge 

While the wireless charger took off last year, manufacturers are now experimenting with kinetic energy for charging devices. Watch out! You could be charging your mobile on the move in no time.


On Camera 

Smartphone manufacturers have taken image capture very seriously in mobile devices over the past few

years, and traditional point and shoot camera photography has now largely been replaced by mobile. With their new capabilities to create artificial depth of field, advancements in low-light capture, super slow-mo technology and the ability to tweak shutter speed, exposure levels and aperture, it’s no surprise that they’re now top choice for many.


 Reality Check

Augmented Reality could be the biggest leap in mobile technology this year, allowing users to lay digital objects on top of their phone camera view and move it around live. Imagine shopping online and being able to see what that coat actually looks like on, without leaving your bedroom?!


Big Screens 

2018 brought with it smartphone screens optimised for watching movies and TV shows, mobile gaming and taking photo editing to a whole new level. They’ve been getting bigger and bigger since the beginning of the decade, but very soon your phone may be all screen, ushering in an era of streamlined phones which will have virtual buttons in place of what we have on the sides, top and back now. 


Going Strong

We’re all too familiar with working up the courage to pick your face-down phone up from the cold (and sometimes wet) ground, expecting it to be smashed to pieces. But believe it or not, pretty soon you could be able to fold your mobile in half or throw it from a moving car without a scratch! Smartphone manufacturers are working overtime trying to perfect a durable, flexible phone this year.