Working From Home Tips

Working From Home

How to get the most out of working from home With working from home having quickly become the ‘new normal’, here’s some tips to help keep you motivated, focused and connected – while also maintaining some work life balance.


1) Dress for work.


It may sound like stating the obvious but working from your bed all day in your pjs means you’re less productive in the long term. Even if it does sound like it could have some comfy perks, it’s not always the best start for motivation.


2) Think about your workspace.


Set up a dedicated environment for yourself. Choose somewhere with natural light and fresh air. If you’re going to be at home more often, think about working with a keyboard and screen rather than a laptop. Also think about noise - do you prefer a quiet space or some background noise - and tailor to your preference.


3) Set yourself allocated hours for work.


Setting up some boundaries and time slots as you would in the office helps you stay prepared for the day. Think about what you need to achieve in the day, your calls, planning time, lunch, making time for fresh air and walks as well as a finishing time helps you to prioritise and also be able to switch off after a long day. A bit of structure really does help to be more productive.


4) Make sure you have a reliable connection.


Broadband is super important for staying connected when you work from home. Now that there’s so much technology available for us all to use it’s important to make sure you have a stable and reliable broadband connection in place so we can use as much video conferencing, remote server access and email as we need to while everyone else in the home is staying connected too. You can check the speed of your connection at the moment on our handy speed test page.