What does Smart Home Gadgets do

Smart Home Explained

What are Smart Home Devices?


A smart home is all about making life that little bit easier. It’s all about intelligence that allows appliances and devices to be interconnected and automatically and remotely controlled through your broadband using handy mobile apps.


Some devices are connected through an ethernet cable but most of them work through WiFi, so making sure that you have a good connection is the first step. Virgin Media broadband has 99.9% reliability scores and offers Ireland’s fastest in Home WiFi, so it’s perfectly suited to connected homes.


With an abundance of different smart home products and packs available today, it’s important to take some time and do some research to identify the specific benefits for your home. As a starting point, we’ve put together some info on the kit you can get with a Virgin Media Complete Smart Home Pack.


1. Google Nest Hub is a voice activated digital assistant for your home. With it you can search the web by asking questions, view photos, ask for recipes, get calendar information, listen to music, watch videos, see what devices are connected to your network through a handy dashboard and so much more!


1. Google Nest Hello Doorbell! This no ordinary doorbell, it has a built in camera allowing you to see exactly who is at your front door and has a speaker that allows you to talk to them. No more missed deliveries.


2. Google Nest Mini A smaller voice activated assistant than the Google Nest Hub. This small sleek device doesn’t have the screen but still packs a punch with loads of the same functionality and benefits of the Hub. It’s great for a second room in your home.


3. Google Chromecast lets you stream from your mobile phone and tablets directly to your TV screen. You can also use it mirror your laptop screen so that you can browse your favourite sites and view your media on the big screen.


4. TP-Link Smart Plugs allow you to operate your electrical appliances remotely through mini smart Wi-Fi plugs. They let you switch lights and other electronics on and off, check their current status and schedule their operation from your mobile device via the Kasa app. Super for nights when you’re heading out before dark and even when you’re away on holidays so you can make sure your home looks occupied.


5. Smart Home Technician. If you don’t plan to install it all yourself, make sure you have someone with experience on hand to make sure everything is properly set up and working as it should be. Our qualified Virgin Media technicians will come to your home at a time and date that suits you (and the service is free if you’re buying a smart home pack from us) They’ll get you up and running and take the time to show you how it all works, making sure you get the most from your connected home.


We’ve got a handy internet speed test page where you can check what your broadband speed is and there’s also a handy broadband comparison table there too, if you want to check if you’re up to speed for Smart Home.