Game On- Six Sports Sims To Help Fill The Void

Screenshot of Patrick Mahomes:Madden 20

All over the globe, sports are beginning to wake from their enforced slumber – but there’s still a way to go until our schedules return to what they used to be. But if you’re sick of waiting for your favourite players, drivers and fighters to get back to business, there’s always another option; grab a controller and get into the action yourself!


Whether you’re a sports nut, an avid gamer, or simply need something to bridge the gap, the finest sports sims on the planet are the perfect way to fill weekends – and weekdays! – until normal service resumes; here’s six of the best to try right now...


F1 2020


Perhaps it was only when Formula 1 drivers themselves started competing on their consoles – and taking it altogether seriously, too! – that many people realised just what sort of incredible magic this game has! As high-octane as the real deal, it’s built to feel so lifelike that you’ll feel like strapping on a helmet. If you grew up on wacky arcade racing, prepare for something pretty different; this is a sports sim in the truest sense!





More than 30 years after it first arrived on the scene, the greatest NFL game on the planet is still at the top of the sports sim pack. From a soundtrack stuffed with original tunes to a gameplay experience that borders on unbelievable, no stone has been left unturned in crafting a delight for fans and newbies alike. It’s also got the added complexity of rich playbooks and granular statistics; it means that even if your thumbs aren’t up to the challenge, you might just get by on brains alone!





It’s a football game; heard of it? Despite an army of competitors jostling for attention, there’s still nothing like the real thing; from the AI mechanics that make it such a realistic product to the joy of taking control of your favourite teams, there really is no comparison. Add in the VOLTA mode, where street football is the name of the game, and you’re looking at another absolute winner from the undisputed champion of soccer sims; this is one game where you’re guaranteed to get your kicks!





While MMA is actually back in business – the first major sport to manage it – we still have to include the latest version of the UFC’s flagship game. The features, ranging from customisable fighters to the G.O.A.T. career mode, are all great, but just like the real thing, the ultimate draw is when the bell rings. Meticulously detailed with fluid and realistic movement, it’s about as real as a fight can get without leaving you with a bloody nose; if you’re anything like us, that sounds like the ideal balance to strike!





Many of the best tennis games have focused on having fun – we’re looking at you, Mario! – while others have been bogged down in the technicalities. This one strikes what might be the perfect balance; loaded with customisable features, but also on the ball when it comes to controls and realism. You can even let your emotions run wild, just like so many of the stars do! The tutorials are great to get you started; and the career mode incredibly deep once you’re up to speed. In short – this one’s a smash!



TGC 2019


Much like the real thing, the beauty of this golf simulator is how it rewards practice; while you might be shanking off the tee to begin with, working on your craft will see you hitting fairways and greens on the reg. Another with an excellent career mode, it’s also got the wonderful option of designing your own courses; while that means you can tailor things to your strengths while you learn and improve, it also means there’s almost endless possibilities if you fancy making it your life!



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