Six Of The Best Podcasts For Every Obsession 2020

6 Best Podcasts of 2020

A few years ago, we marvelled at the fact that there was an app for just about everything you could ever want; now, the same is true of podcasts! Whether you fancy a laugh or a cry, something that makes you think of simply some super entertainment, an awesome slice of audio is a few quick swipes away!


In the new issue of PLAY magazine we talked to a pair that know all about it; Niall Byrne and Andrea Cleary, hosts of the Nialler9 Podcast – read that interview right here. So we though, who better to provide some tips on other special shows worth checking out? Here’s six of the best around…





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It’s a New York Times mini-series about how people can have their realities distorted by YouTube algorithms. It explains a lot about the modern world; how and why we have the discourse about conspiracy theories and the like. I found it fascinating.



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Hosted by George the Poet, this one is a little different.It’s a narrative driven podcast, and it’s something I’d never heard before. There’s an episode about Grenfell which is incredibly moving, presented like a play. It’s like applying old rules to a new medium, and it works very well.



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Andrea Horan and Una Mullally’s podcast is generally about issues in Irish life and Irish culture; it might be about outdoor seating one day, and issues around the pandemic the next. I try to check in on it every week.





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This is a spinoff of comedian James Acaster’s book. He had a breakdown in 2017, and to deal with it started buying and listening to music from the previous year – and subsequently realised that 2016 was the best year ever for music! He has comedians and friends on to discuss an album, and he’s brilliant at talking about music, as well as being very funny.



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It’s presented by Cassie Delaney, Jen O’Dwyer and Sophie White, and each episode involves them going deeper into stories you didn’t have time to get into. So, think of a headline you saw once; they’ll research everything about it. It’s very funny, very loose, and has an amazing community around it.



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Caroline O’Donoghue is a Cork-born author living in London, and when she wrote her first book it was written off for being chick-lit. So, this podcast delves into a different chick-lit book every episode and talks about it for its literary merit; it’s excellent, and she’s gas!


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