Five Smart Home Devices That Make Staying At Home Easy

Image of a woman enjoying Smart Home Devices

We’ve all had to learn to spend a lot more time at home this year; in fact, there’s been months where we’ve had to live our entire lives indoors! But people are nothing if not resourceful, which means finding ways to make life a little bit easier – and with Smart Home technology, some of it’s an absolute doddle!


From getting your grub on to becoming a home-school hero, check out how some terrific tech can make staying in an absolute breeze!




Grabbing a bite at your local restaurant mightn’t be an option right now – so it’s time to grab some pots and pans and cook up a storm! You won’t be entirely on your own, of course; just ask your Google Nest Hub for some recipes, and it will talk you through some of the tastiest options around. It can also play step-by-step videos, act as a timer, and deliver any reminders you set before you start; in other words, it’s the best sous chef in the business!




Whether it’s Joe Wicks guiding your kids through another PE class, or your own efforts to stay in shape without the help of the gym, your living room has probably been doubling as a fitness studio – so thank goodness there are so many trainers on YouTube to lend a hand! Indeed, just Chromecast to your TV and you’ve got larger-than-life motivation to chase the burn, so you can stay active while staying indoors!




Remembering the finer points of Roman history and world geography wasn’t something every parent would pride themselves on – which made home-schooling a serious challenge this spring! Of course, the gaps in knowledge could be filled pretty quickly with the help of a Google Nest Mini; ask just about any question you could think of, and that handy little gadget will answer! Now that’s what we call smart!




With more of our shopping happening online than ever before, delivery drivers across the country have been working overtime – and so has the Google Nest Hello Doorbell! Allowing you to interact with anyone outside your door, it means you can stay in the back garden – or in bed! – while making sure your new purchases are safely deposited on your doorstep. It’s all about making your life just that little bit easier...




No concerts, no theatres, no comedy problem! From blaring your favourite tunes to binging your favourite shows, and testing yourself with quizzes to gaming the day away, your smart home is set up to make sure there’s never a dull moment! Your Google Nest Hub will even suggest options to suit your taste – so passing the time until the world’s back to normal couldn’t be more straightforward!


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