The Games To Get You Going For Summer

Mario Tennis

See that giant ball of yellow in the sky? Well, that’s the sun. You might have forgotten about it over the past eight months, but it’s back – and that means summer is finally here!


And while we’re as fond of a day at the beach as the next person, the great outdoors isn’t always an option – but that doesn’t mean your seasonal mood needs to slip! On the contrary, there’s loads of options to keep the sunny vibes going, and that includes when you’re game for a gaming session. Check out these titles which certainly tick the box when it comes to fitting in with the calendar…



This one is the official game of the World Surf League – so they know what they’re at! That’s why this mobile-only game reeks of realism, from real-world weather information reflected in the waves to the benefits of forking out for a top-class board. Just like the real thing, you’ll become obsessed with improvement, too – and before you know it you’ll be spending hours in the virtual sea looking to hang ten!





Anyone for tennis? The sport is synonymous with the summer, and this Nintendo Switch number is every bit as colourful and captivating as you’d expect from a Mario masterpiece! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the format is ideal – a game like this is exactly what the Switch is designed for – but the combination of cracking characters, great gameplay and phenomenal amounts of fun make for a game guaranteed to achieve family favourite status!





This open-world racing game changes with the seasons – meaning that logging on during the summer should mean blue skies and sunshine! It’s a visual treat, the roster of cars is absolutely massive, and the heady mix of storytelling, exploration and even role-playing elements make for a title widely acclaimed as one of the finest racing games ever made. Pedal to the metal, then!





Well, it’s not exactly cold in the Wild West, now is it?! This desert-based delight was one of the most anticipated games in memory when it launched late last year – and it most definitely delivered! The realism and complexity of the game is astounding, and the seemingly limitless adventure that the open world offers needs to be seen to be believed. If you haven’t sampled it for yourself yet, we can only ask why – and add that there’s no time like the present…




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