Everything You Need To Know About Smart Homes

Google Nest Mini speaker beside a smartphone

It’s the technology that’s making everyday life easier for millions of people all over the world – but there’s a lot more to Smart Homes than meets the eye! A glorious combination of top-end gadgetry, simple functionality, and a keen eye for convenience, it’s the type of fantastic, futuristic stuff that makes you happy to live in the age we do!


And while you can discover the thrill of a Smart Home with Virgin Media right here, the latest issue of PLAY Magazine featured the newest instalment in our jargon-buster series – this time focusing on smart home technology. So swot up below; we promise you’ll feel smarter afterwards (sorry)!!




A smart home is all about convenience, where appliances and devices can be automatically controlled remotely through your broadband by your mobile device. Everything is interconnected, so the user can control functions ranging from security access, temperature and lighting to home entertainment; now that really is smart!




This allows you to control your connected devices through simple apps or your voice – so you can make sure your coffee’s ready before you get up, switch the heating on so it’s nice and cosy by the time you get home, or with the Google Nest Hello Doorbell, you can even see and communicate with the person at your door, even if you’re not at home! Smart, right?!




Ever wondered how your connected device actually knows what you’re saying? Well, this is how! A voice command device (VCD) like your Google Home Mini is controlled simply through voice – so the next time you want to hear your favourite song, all you have to do is ask!




Sometimes called machine learning, this is the how a device, computer or robot performs tasks that normally require human intelligence – like speech recognition, learning and problem solving. Pretty cool, huh?




This is the hardware or software that connects your smart devices and controls communication amongst them. In the same way that your phone line and internet connection are linked through your Virgin Media Hub, your Google Home can act as a hub for all your smart home appliances like a smart plug, thermostat setting, or energy management system!


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