Smart Speaker Tips

Google Home

Everywhere you look, families are getting bigger. It’s not even newborn babies, either, but Google Home's and Google Mini speakers as far as the eye can see! Yes, the smart speaker is now a part of the clan in an increasing number of homes – but we’ll bet your siblings never came out with answers quite like this lot! To prove it, we’ve gathered a bunch of queries to aim at your household helper – ranging from simple and smart to the utterly strange. So next time you’re stuck for information – or conversation! – here’s a few tips to get you started…




“What time is it in Sydney?”


As anyone who’s wrestled with timezones knows, they can often be trickier than they seem. Your smart speaker will be on top of things, though! Added bonus: the truly lazy can save themselves the trouble of looking at a clock/watch/phone and find out the time where they are without opening their eyes. Magic…


“What’s the weather like?”


OK, after all that Lorenzo-mania of late, this one makes tons of sense. Find out the forecast before you leave the house and you’ll be well set.


“Can you remind me…?”


This one is a super service for those who are always coming and going – you can even sync with your phone so that it sends you a reminder if you’re out! Only downside? Now you’ve one less excuse to miss your dentist appointment…


“Recommend a nearby restaurant.”


Your speaker might not have tastebuds – but that doesn’t mean they can’t locate some great grub! Next time you’re struggling with dinner ideas, you know where to turn…


“Turn the lights on.”


To state the obvious, the more tech you’ve got hooked up, the more your speaker can do. Turning on the heating, controlling the volume of devices, even lowering the temperature of your fridge; truly, the possibilities are endless…




“Rap for me.”


Your smart speaker can probably locate every song in recent history. If, however, you just don’t fancy the pros doing their thing, you could have Google Home spit some bars herself!


“What’s the word for a fear of long words?”


This is illustrative of thousands of questions you could ask a smart speaker, which will scour the internet to answer most every query you can imagine. We just like the answer to this one…


“Let’s play a game”


If you’ve got a few minutes to kill, you’d be surprised how your speaker can help you pass the time. Of course, once you remember you’re playing Rock, Paper Scissors in a room alone, you’ll realise why we’re putting this in the silly section!


“Who you gonna call?!”


In fact, when it comes to pop culture references at large, smart speakers are really on the ball; from film quotes and TV plotlines to lyrics of your favourite tunes, even we’re impressed by their entertainment cred!




“Are you married?”


Don’t get us wrong, your speaker will still have an answer. It might be worth reconsidering just what you’re using it for, though… Discover the thrill of a Virgin Media Smart Home for yourself! Click here to find out more…