New Year New Me!

New Year New Me!

The New Year brings Dry January, fitness regimes and heaps of other resolutions! Sometimes it can be hard to settle back in after a festive season of indulgence but lucky for us, there’s a whole host of apps around these days that can help us get a handle on the New Year. We round up some of the downloads guaranteed to ease you into 2019… Grab your phone and download them now!

Appy & New Meditation - Headspace

After a merry, epic holiday season you might need a little help easing back into reality (what we call January in Ireland) – if so, Headspace is the perfect tool for you. The foremost meditation app is made for beginners and only needs a dedicated halfhour a day to have you cross-legged and floating in no time!

Health Kick – Way of Life!

Most of our New Year’s resolutions involve breaking some sort of harmful habit, whether it’s soft drinks or smoking, or build ing up helpful ones, like eating healthily or breaking a sweat. Luckily, this app tracks your daily routines and can help you leave those pesky ones in the dust!

Digial Detox - Moment

They may be helpful in a bind and a source of endless entertainment, but we can all admit to spending too much time on our smartphones. Over the holidays it was probably all the more obvious how much precious time we were wasting, so if you need a tool to optimise your screen-time, Moment is the one for you.

Life Coach - Pacifica

More than just a meditation app, Pacifica is like a life coach in your pocket! Based around the principles of mindfulness, and with guided self-help paths, a peer support community and features to track your thoughts and mood, it’ll be so much easier to stay serene in 2019 with this one.

Get Active – Couch to 5K

If your resolution involves becoming a lean, mean, running machine, there’s no better match for you than Couch to 5K! Another app that only demands half an hour a day, C25K promises to transform any potato into an athlete in only 9 weeks.

Clean Out – Depop

You might have promised yourself that big wardrobe clean-out come the new year, or maybe you got a couple of gifts for Christmas you could do without - if so, Depop is the number one marketplace online for amateurs, and it costs nothing to list all your unwanted bits!

Learn Something New – Duolingo

So, your resolution is to learn a new language - felicitaciones amigo, la mejor de las suertes! …If you don’t quite understand us yet, you might need Duolingo, the world’s best language-learning app, to give you a hand!

Get Organised - Todoist

Whether you’re organising a wedding or grabbing the weekly groceries, the dawn of 2019 means a return to those tasks you put on hold for the holidays. It’s the digital age answer to the time-honoured written checklist!