Why Widows Is A Must-See Movie

Widows the Movie

It’s been described as one of the best crime movies in years – and we can’t help but agree. Widows arrives on Virgin Movies on March 18th, available to rent from €4.99, and when we say that it’s the perfect way to pass the Bank Holiday, we really aren’t kidding.




A heist movie focused on a group of bereaved women left to tidy the mess their dead husbands left behind, it’s a tightly-woven thriller deserving of the plentiful plaudits that have come its way. Get a taste of what you can expect from a movie that truly is unmissable…







Ensembles don’t come much better than that assembled for this one! Led by the amazing Viola Davis, the likes of Michelle Rodriguez and Elizabeth Debecki also feature in starring roles, while such luminaries as Colin Farrell, Daniel Kaluuya, and Robert Duvall pop up along the way too. To describe this cast as star-studded would be an understatement – and it continues off-camera, too…







The film is directed by Steve McQueen – he might not be a great clapper, but he’s widely regarded as one of the most talented filmmakers around! – and signals a significant departure from his usual style. The score comes courtesy of Hans Zimmer, while the super soundtrack also includes top tracks from Nina Simone and Sade. Suffice to say that every base is covered here – including the script…







Co-writing with McQueen was Gillian Flynn, whose Gone Girl proved her to be a storyteller par excellence. The result, as you’d expect, is a tense and taut thriller that’s as perfectly paced as any you’ll ever see, with carefully crafted characters and sensational set-pieces. And, of course, for a movie that twists and turns so effectively there’s a final sting in the tail…







While a heist does lie at the core of this crime thriller, there’s so much more to enjoy; rooted firmly in a contemporary Chicago setting, everything from political corruption to gender dynamics play a key role in a film that is rich and rewarding. It delivers the thrills and spills of a popcorn flick, yes, but peer beneath the surface and you’ll find a wonderfully sophisticated work.



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