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Hush – do you hear that droning noise? That’s the sound of thousands of teenagers across the country, reluctantly dragging themselves out of bed to head to school for another year – and you can’t help but feel sorry for them!


Of course, that’s not to say that our days in the seat of learning are something we want to forget; au contraire (see, we paid attention in French class)! In fact, we spend an inordinate amount of time reliving our youths enjoying some of the funniest high-school comedies ever made – including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Breakfast Club, and Napoleon Dynamite (all available to rent On Demand, from €2.99).


In fact, we’ve come up with a quiz to tell you exactly which teenage icon you’re most like – so if you’re ready to see whether you’d dance to Jamiroquai or belt out ‘Twist And Shout’, then get stuck in below!




1. Do you play by the rules?


A) For the most part

B) Nope

C) I do whatever I want…but yes.


2. So that means you’re always in class when you’re meant to be?


A) Yeah…unless there’s a sale on

B) I may have missed a day or nine

C) Well what choice do I have? Gosh!


3. What would your report card have to say about you?


A) My dad never brings it up

B) That I’m trouble, that I’m cheeky… all that boring stuff

C) “We think he is a student here”


4. What are your friends like?


A) They seem to be wonderful – I mean, people look up to them

B) Pretty cool, if they follow my lead

C) He has a bike. And a moustache.


5. You’re getting ready in the morning – what’s coming out of your wardrobe?


A) Head-to-toe designer gear – my closet looks like a boutique

B)  My threads are pretty flash – naturally enough!

C) Washed jeans and slogan tees – maybe they’ll be cool someday…


6. What’s your sport of choice?


A) Sports? Ew!

B) Take me out to the ball game!

C) Tetherball (even solo)


7. What’s your relationship status?


A) I’ve been won over, but we’re taking it slow

B) I’ve bagged the prettiest girl in school

C) I’m dating a model…but she lives in Oklahoma


8.What does the future have in store for you after graduation?


A) I’m jetting off to France at the first opportunity

B) Probably working for the man – so I’ll enjoy freedom while it lasts!

C) Farming




Right now, you could hardly be any cooler… Cooler? Cooler? Geddit?! It looks like you have everything set up for you, but real life is approaching and it doesn’t look like a pretty sight! 


The hustle and bustle of high school isn’t your jam – but that’s OK. A couple of good friends means more than a load of acquaintances, and you certainly have confidence in yourself. Plus – those dance skills have to count for something…



Good things come in threes!

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