Seven New Movies To Catch On Virgin Movies This July

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There might not be much consistency as far as our summer weather is concerned, but the outlook on Virgin Movies is entirely settled – and the forecast’s red-hot! From priceless comedy and awesome action to homegrown heroics and hair-raising horror, there’ll be something to satisfy any taste. So grab your diary and curl up on the couch for a film feast this month; here’s a magnificent seven to get you started!




Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Written and directed by Stephen Merchant, the story of a British wrestler’s journey from backrooms to the bright lights of WWE is one of the year’s outstanding efforts. There’s loads to love about the film – not least the skilful blend of comedy and drama – and we reckon you’ll be uplifted, inspired, and ready to take on the world by the time the credits roll!






Available to rent from July 5th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Deliciously dreary and delightfully deep, this superb slice of homegrown cinema owes as much to the classic American western as it does to the north of Ireland! Perfectly-pitched performances from a cracking cast – led by inimitable Moe Dunford – and a gritty style make it a weird and wonderful reminder of what our own film heroes are capable of!






Available to rent from July 15th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


A delectable drama with a seriously satirical side, this sister act sees real-life siblings Jemima and Lola Kirke star in a story of love and lies that’s as far removed from your average rom-com as you could imagine! Careful character studies and raw realism abound, while the presence of Billy Crystal, Ben Mendelsohn and Jamie Dornan guarantees a little stardust sprinkled on the serious stuff…






Available to rent from July 22nd on Virgin Movies from €4.99


While you might not know Yuen Woo-Ping’s name, you definitely know his work; from The Matrix to Kill Bill, the king of the fight scene has played a part in some of the biggest movies around. Little surprise, then, that as director here he has fists flying and kicks cracking in a full-blown action extravaganza; if your heart isn’t racing watching this one, something’s seriously wrong!






Available to rent from July 22nd on Virgin Movies from €4.99 A spooky, supernatural drama set in the 1840s, a group of shipwrecked sailors – and the residents of the mysterious island where the wash up – are the focus of a movie which draws from myth and legend. Excellently eerie and meticulously made, the combination of awesome visuals and a suitably scary soundtrack only add to the reasons this one’s deserving of a spot high on your to-see list!






Available to rent from July 29th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Acclaimed on the international circuit, including proving a capital hit at the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival earlier this year, this Italian marvel tells the story of an unexpected friendship between two young men. There’s an in-depth study of wealth, happiness and the importance of human connection here – but also a masterpiece of magic realism that will make your heart soar!






Available to rent from July 29th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Jordan Peele shocked the world with Get Out – and his follow-up is just as inventive and ambitious! Another horror movie with a difference, it covers just about every base you can imagine; whip-sharp dialogue to get you laughing, music that’ll have your toes tapping, and dollops of dread and suspense to leave every hair standing on end!





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