Ring The Bell – Get Ready For Fighting With My Family!

Fighting with my family movie

Funny, heartwarming and phenomenally entertaining, the wonderful Fighting With My Family is one of the year’s great cinematic success stories – and it’s about to land on Virgin Movies! Available to rent from Monday, July 1st from €4.99, it tells the extraordinary true story of British wrestler Paige…and her parents…and her brother… and her other brother… and a whole lot more besides!




You might have spotted star Florence Pugh on the cover of the latest issue of PLAY Magazine, along with an interview with director Stephen Merchant – who admits that he was altogether unfamiliar with the story until it was brought to his attention by a man who knows more than a thing or two about life in the ring!





“It started life as a documentary – and was spotted by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson,” Stephen told PLAY Magazine (check out the full interview here). “He saw that the story was a great, female, Rocky-style true-life underdog story at the core, and suggested I take a look.”




The rest, of course, is history. Stephen crafted a hilarious tale which follows the journey of the woman known to the taxman as Saraya-Jade Bevis, from bingo halls in British backstreets to the bright lights of World Wrestling Entertainment. Finding the perfect actress to take on the part was key, of course; enter Florence…


“I love her story of empowerment, as well as her feistiness and funkiness,” the star exoplained. “I had to be a part of this film, which is about this young woman finding the strength to follow her dreams – and succeeding.”







“Florence threw herself into the physical aspects, and immediately got Paige’s inner-strength, humor and emotion,” Stephen adds. “We knew she could be this girl from Norwich, England, where Paige grew up.”


Stephen admits that Paige’s background was a vital part of his connection to the story. “I think I related to coming from a working class background with aspirations to be in showbusiness. Wrestling is as much showbusiness as athletics, after all. So going off to America, trying to pursue that dream – I think that sense of ambition was the connection I felt.




Fittingly, it’s not just for hardcore wrestling fans; in fact, at the core of this brilliantly comedic film is a story of family dynamics and following your heart. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll cheer, you’ll boo – and then you’ll want to watch it all over again!!



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