The Ultimate American Movies To Watch This Independence Day

Tom Cruise A Few Good Men

USA! USA! USA! Break out the barbecue and raise the star-spangled banners; it’s July 4th – better known across the pond as Independence Day – and we can’t wait for the party to get started! And while you probably don’t need pointers when it comes to buying burgers and beers, you might be wondering what your film slate should look like for the day that’s in it!


Well, look no further; we’ve got a red, white and blue bucketload of movie magic to mark the occasion; celebrate the good ol’ US of A with these fabulous films…




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Might as well start at the obvious place, right?! Alien intruders are intent on crashing the party – but they didn’t reckon for the decidedly inhospitable greeting they’d get from Will Smith and company! It’s big, bombastic and utterly brilliant; just what you want from a blockbuster!





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Given that the 50th anniversary of the moon landing is fast approaching, this story of a less-successful mission seems all the more suitable for the occasion! The (true) tale is enough to have any viewer on tenterhooks, while Ron Howard’s skilful storytelling allows the action to unfold perfectly; the crew might have a problem, but we have no complaints at all with this one!





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An only-in-America story with a decidedly Irish twist, Jim Sheridan’s delicate drama follows an immigrant family starting a new life in New York. A movie with a heart the size of the Big Apple, sentimental types might need to keep the tissues handy, but there’s more than enough mirth and magic to charm even the most cynical of viewers!






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Think the Italian Mafia is the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to gangs? Think again! Frank Lucas (played with typical panache by the legendary Denzel Washington) sets out on his, er, unique version of the American Dream, rising to the top of the criminal world; it’s fiercely intelligent and full of terrific twists – a throwback to the classic mob flicks of old!






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The wisecracks come thick and fast – as does the high-octane action – in this buddy-cop bonanza that’s earned a reputation as a cast-iron comedy classic. Eddie Murphy is electric as Axel Foley, a disgruntled detective determined to avenge the death of his friend; cue slapstick antics and slapdash humour that’s as fresh now as it was in the 80s!






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Flip yeah. Foul-mouthed marionnettes they may be, but this crime-fighting crew wasted no time in securing a place amongst our favourite on-screen combos! It’s delightfully tongue-in-cheek – and, as you’d expect from creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, painfully funny – but it’s the sheer level of imagination that keeps us coming back for more. Oh, and Matt Damon…





Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


We hope you can handle this truth; this legal drama is just as intoxicating as it’s ever been! Pulling together the likes of Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore and Kevin Bacon doesn’t hurt – seriously, give the casting director for this one a medal! – and the tension and and intensity with which this story unfolds wil have even casual viewers on tenterhooks by the end!





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