Tom Hanks & The Other Contenders for Nicest Man in Hollywood

Tom Hanks & Fred Rogers: The cast of A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Whether firing off letters to fans on one of his beloved typewriters, reuniting residents of New York City with their lost belongings, or just generally putting a smile on movie goers’ faces the world over, there are a millions and one good reasons why nobody has a bad word to say about Tom Hanks.



That’s unlikely to change when you see him in his latest role; starring as the equally revered Fred Rogers in A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood, it’s casting at its absolute finest! Are we ready to crown him as being the official “nicest man in Hollywood”, though? Perhaps not… Because there’s a few more leading men who can stake a claim to that throne. WIthout further ado, here’s a handful more candidates to be acclaimed the best boy in showbiz!



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Gorgeous George has never needed too much help in getting people swooning – but from his charitable endeavours to his effortless charm, he’s got far more than looks to win us over! Just recently, a Hollywood journalist shared a barely believable story about turning up to George’s house after surgery and leaving bloodstains on the furniture; George didn’t say a word, which is typical of a fella who seems to have the most chilled-out personality you could ever hope to find!



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A quick blurb couldn’t possibly cover everything we’ve heard about this bloke; in fact, there are entire message boards struggling to contain the testimony of everyone who’s been enchanted by the superstar! Whether fellow actors and crew members telling us how good he is to work with, or fans confirming that he’s as humble off-screen as he is heroic on it, it seems conclusive; while he might be a hitman in the movies, he’s a hit in real life too!




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Did you know: prior to his term as Lord Mayor of Dalkey, Matt Damon was a famous actor? Unbelievable, right?! OK, so we’re only messing – but so completely has the country fallen for its newest hero that it’s easy to forget how massive he is when not lugging Super Valu bags from the beach. If he never does anything else, his quiet and unassuming approach to being locked down in our lovely land is enough for us; lifetime achievement award secured!



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Another who’s a big fan of Ireland – from Donegal stag-dos to storming Dublin on press tours – is a funnyman who’s got more than jokes to put a smile on faces! While he’s now graduated to fully-fledged Marvel superhero, many of his roles play on his nice-guy image, but that alone tells you something; when every casting agent in the business sees you as the epitome of all that’s virtuous, you know you’re doing something right!



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Anonymous donations to hospitals and charities, random acts of kindness for his co-workers, and an openness with his fans that means anyone with the pleasure of meeting him will walk away happy; that’s a lot to add to the resumé of a man who’s already proven himself to be an all-singing, all-dancing star! From his laid-back Aussie ways to his awesome sense of humour, it’s not just when the cameras are rolling that this guy is a superhero!


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