Why The Kid Who Would Be King Could Be Your Family’s New Favourite Film

The Kid Who Would Be King Movie

It’s a live-action adventure filled with wit and wonder – and it’s only a matter of time before your family falls for its charm! The Kid Who Would Be King, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99, has won acclaim far and wide, a film far too delightful to deny!



But what is it about the film that’s guaranteed to make it a favourite for kids of all ages? Well, read on to find out; from the mythology to the message, we’ve got the goods!



You know those films that worry too much about keeping mum and dad entertained, and not enough about the younger viewers? This isn’t one of them – not by a long shot. It is unashamedly targeted at junior viewers, and does it ever hit the target! It’s also got messages of courage, loyalty and friendship that deserve plenty of respect, too!





While awesome animations and special effects spectaculars are ten-a-penny these days, a live-action gem has become a little less common; rejoice, then, that this is a fabulous family film in the flesh! That’s not to say it’s not clever in its use of visual treats and CGI, but it’s the realism and relatability that will have its audience entranced…





When it comes to stories that have spawned a thousand spin-offs, it’s hard to think of many to compare with the legends of King Arthur. And it’s from there – specifically, the iconic sword Excalibur – that this film takes its lead, which means there’s a winning timelessness to the action. Mind, it’s not all old-school, because…





Once upon a time, of course, it was The Adam and Joe Show – but Joe Cornish is on an altogether different route these days. Having written the likes of Ant-Man, we knew he could spin an inventive tale, but his efforts as writer/director here are a level above; chuckles and charm aplenty, it’s made with the sort of love and attention that leaps from the screen; he’s come a long way…





Not many children’s movies can boast the likes of Rebecca Ferguson and Patrick Stewart amongst its cast, but this one can! It’s saying something, then, that the spotlight is consistently stolen by the younger performers, including leading lad Louis Ashbourne Serkis – a fella who looks well set to follow in dad Andy’s footsteps!




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