Five Reasons We Can’t Get Enough Of The Favourite

May Movies

It was the talk of award season, acclaimed on both sides of the Atlantic, and proved once and for all that historical movies don’t need to be boring; The Favourite is a film that truly deserves its must-see status!




Yorgos Lanthinos’ movie is available to rent from Monday on Virgin Movies from €4.99, and is nothing short of a madcap masterpiece. From its lush looks to its moreish mayhem, there’s much to love; here’s five bullet points to scrape the tip of the iceberg!




The Oscar probably made this clear already – but in case it didn’t, let’s be 100% clear; Olivia Colman is utterly incredible. A powerhouse performance as the unhinged Queen Anne, it’s the crowning achievement of a career that’s already had us singing her praises for years; she’s come a long way from Peep Show, we’ll tell you that much!





We’ve seen the device of a third wheel used before, of course, but rarely in as wonderful a way as this; the drama that ensues when an unwelcome addition arrives is only multiplied when it occurs within the royal court! Throw in the fact that we’re dealing with quarrelling cousins and you’ve got a stand-off that really stands out – and that’s expecially the case considering…





Oscar winners Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz aren’t in the habit of playing second fiddle to anyone – and while the most attention in this one might have gone to Colman, there’s no escaping the excellence on offer from her supporting cast. It’s hard to remember a film featuring three ladies leading the way with such aplomb; another reason to mark this one out!





Pretty period pieces might be the norm, but there’s something special about the looks of this one – and we’re not just saying that because Dublin’s own Robbie Ryan was responsible for cinematography! With brooding moods and natural light the orders of the day, it’s a different side of the lush royal settings we’re used to seeing – and we’ll have more of where that came from, please!





There’s simply no way around it; the film, in keeping with so much of director Yorgos Lanthinos’ work, is as far from typical fare as you can imagine. From slow motion duck races to nude food fights – well, you’ll just have to watch to fully understand! All we can say is that there’s nobody else like him working in movies today – and while that’s a pity, it makes his work all the more worthy of cherishing!




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