POLL: Who’s The Baddest Action Woman On The Box?

baddest female action stars

If you’re a fan of fierce females, then strap in; on Sky Cinema Select, Virgin TV 306, there’s an army of action women taking over your screens! Running until the end of November, the pop-up will showcase the sisters who can most certainly do it for themselves!


And while there’s no shortage of strength, sass and style, there can only be one true queen! We’ve picked out five of the baddest women on show – all you’ve got to do is vote for the one that you think tops the lot. Sound simple? Well, you haven’t seen how hard the choice is yet!



Captain Marvel


Superhuman strength, the power of flight, and the ability to project limitless amounts of energy on anyone or anything; yeah, we can see why this is one lady you wouldn’t want to mess with! Add in the fact that she’s showcased in a typically spectacular Marvel movie, and you’ve got one incredible character!






Pint-sized and precocious she may be – but when she transforms into Hit-Girl, watch out! The deadly vigilante is quite the handful, so it’s little wonder that Kick-Ass was chuffed when it turned out she wanted to join forces rather than fight it out; we’re not sure we’d fancy his chances!




Anna and the Apocalypse


Zombie-battling brilliance and musical magnificence is the order of the day in this unlikely Christmas hit – and the Scottish lass who’s kicking ass at the heart of it all is one young lady you can’t help but root for! Her dad fretted about her plans to travel before college; something tells us he’s got nothing to worry about!




Mortal Engines


The scar on her face tells its own story; this woman will need more than flesh wounds to keep her down! Yes, there’s some real badassery behind that bandana – so even with the visual fireworks cooked up by Christian Rivers on show, she’s still the only thing to watch!






Incredibly, this film was originally written with a male protagonist in mind, with Tom Cruise lined up to take the role; thankfully, better sense prevailed and Angelina Jolie was chosen to step into the spying shoes. She might be a double-agent (or not, we won’t give it away!), but she’s a singular hero…


Who’s The Baddest Action Woman On The Box?
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