Sky Cinema Collections For A Cracking Christmas

Hugh Jackman The Greatest Showman

When the wind is blowing cold outside, there’s nothing to warm the heart like a magnificent movie. Mind, the wind can last for way longer than you’d want, so just one movie might not be enough – so praise be that Sky Cinema are pulling together massive hauls of fabulous films to while the winter nights away!


You’ll find a selection of the collections (oooh, a poem!) in the recent issue of PLAY Magazine. If you haven’t read it yet, you can dive in right here – and below, you can see a few of the films worth filing in the must-watch category before the month is out!



Now showing on Sky Cinema Musicals, Virgin TV 307


While it might be Christmas carols and seasonal songs abound outside, make it a showtune-stuffed time in front of the telly with this all-singing, all-dancing spectacular! Hugh Jackman is the ringleader of this musical masterpiece, which has all the fizz and fun you could possibly need to get in a festive mood – even if it’s nothing to do with Christmas!



Now showing on Sky Cinema Star Wars, Virgin TV 302


There’s no escaping the Star Wars buzz these days – so there’s no better time to dive headling into the seminal sci-fi saga…starting with the fourth one. Or the first one, if you know what we mean! Whatever order you fancy, the whole lot will be showing on a special pop-up channel, so whether you fancy a chronological run, the narrative route, or leaping about to your hearts content, you’re sorted!



Now showing on Sky Cinema Christmas, Virgin TV 308


There are some Christmas traditions (Brussels Sprouts) for instance – that we might be OK with seeing disappear. This film, however, is not one of them. First appearing in 1946, the story of George Bailey is emotional and beautiful – and in a word, wonderful! Just don’t make the mistake of Phoebe in Friends, though; make sure to watch all the way to the end!


Get the lowdown on the cracking collections on Sky Cinema this Christmas in PLAY Magazine right here!