Seven Classic Films To Catch On Virgin Movies This Month

Anya Taylor-Joy: The cast of Emma

Outside, the temperatures are rising — and the same is true on Virgin Movies, where this month’s new arrivals are red-hot! Amongst them are a pair of awesome animations, some delicious drama, cracking comedy, and a slice of musical madness that has to be seen to be believed!


So what’s on the watchlist? We thought you’d never ask! Get comfy, and get ready; here’s what you need to catch in the weeks ahead...



Available to rent from June 1st on Virgin Movies from €4.99


The most beloved film of recent times? Unfortunately not. One of the most talked about? You bet! From the very first glimpse we got of Tom Hooper’s take on the stage classic, there were people having kittens (sorry); now, you have the chance to see what all the fuss is about! The stars are out in force, and the famous soundtrack present and correct; whether it’s the cat’s pyjamas or a dog’s dinner is up to you!





Available to rent from June 1st on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Another pitch-perfect Pixar picture; no surprise there, then! This amazing animation tells the story of elf brothers on an adventure to a family reunion with a difference – and with a stirring story, sterling visuals and a who’s who of Hollywood lending their voices, the result is a flick that screams ‘family movie night’!





Available to rent from June 8th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Fred Rogers is widely regarded as one of the nicest men in the history of showbiz; makes sense, then, that they’ll call on another to fill his sweater on the big screen! Tom Hanks is mesmerising as the TV icon, while Matthew Rhys is no less impressive as the reporter determined to know the real Mr Rogers. Emotionally powerful without ever falling into schmaltz, it’s the sort of heartwarming fare the greatest cynic couldn’t help but enjoy!





Available to rent from June 15th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Robert Downey Jr. dons the doctor’s robe in this new take on a much-loved tale, guaranteed to capture the imagination of young viewers who’ve never before seen the animal whisperer at work. Big name voice performances abound, too, but it’s the lead star – equal parts whimsical and weird – that steals the show in this fantasy delight destined to win favour with your little creatures!





Available to rent from June 22nd on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Jane Austen’s seminal source material provides a pretty special starting point, but this movie manages to make magic all of its own! Anya Taylor-Joy is sensational in the title role, in a film that’s less prim and proper than a precocious and pointed satire. If you like your period pieces with a pinch of salt, then sit back and get ready to love the sharp lines and spiky looks of this utter delight!





Available to rent from June 29th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Elizabeth Moss turning in an excellent performance is an altogether familiar sight these days – but there’s even more to enjoy from this modern take on a classic! Updating the timeless story with a contemporary twist is a welcome move, as is the psychological style, plucked straight from the Hitchcock school of horror, that makes it a true edge-of-your-seat watch!




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