Demon Days – Who’s Your Favourite On Screen Beast?



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By now, you may well have seen Virgin Mobile’s Data Demon hanging about – but fear not! Far from scaring the bejeesus out of you, he’s more concerned with providing customers with unlimited data, calls and texts – all at an incredible low monthly price.

Indeed, most of us have to admit that we’re demons for data at this point – and since when does that have to be a bad thing?! In fact, some of our favourite demons from film and TV show that dark and diabolical reputations can be a bit off the mark.

So who stands out amongst our favourite on-screen fiends? Have your say below!


(Bram Stoker’s Dracula, available to rent via On Demand, from €2.99)

No list of blood-curdling creatures would be complete without one of cinema’s ultimate icons. Gary Oldman’s version is a far more romantic and stylish proposition than previous efforts, giving one of the ultimate film villains a real heart.



(Catch him via WWE Raw on Sky Sports)

The world of professional wrestling has never been short of a frightening presence or ten, but Ireland’s own Finn Bálor – or Fergal Devitt to his family and friends at home in Bray – has become an international icon as WWE’s barnstormingly brilliant Demon King.



(Check it out on CBBC)

He may not be a supernatural being – but that’s about the only positive we can think of! Just ask his teachers, his classmates, his neighbours, or anyone else unfortunate enough to be caught in his path – they reckon boy is ghastly – but we can’t help but see the funny side…



(South Park, entire seasons available free via Virgin Box Sets On Demand)

There’s a certain irony when the devil himself is perhaps more likeable that the pre-teen terrors of Cartman, Kenny and co. Compassionate and vulnerable, he’s not what you expect from evil incarnate - and he has a pretty impressive singing voice to boot!



(The Omen, available to rent via On Demand, from €2.99)

More than 40 years later, this film remains one of the most chilling horrors ever made – thanks in no small part to the pint-sized Antichrist at the centre of the action. Actually, come to think of it, we can’t think of much good to say here; never has a tyke on a trike been more unnerving!




Who’s Your Favourite On Screen Demon?
COUNT DRACULA (Bram Stoker’s Dracula)
SATAN (South Park)
DAMIEN (The Omen)
Do Riddles

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