Meet the stars of Ralph Breaks The Internet

Meet the stars of Ralph Breaks The Internet

We’ve already seen him wreck an arcade – but now the whole internet is in his sights! Following on from the bright, boisterous and brilliant Wreck-It Ralph (available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99), everyone’s favourite big-fisted bruiser is back with the marvellously mad-cap Ralph Breaks The Internet. Before you dive into the awesome adventure, we managed to catch up with the Hollywood royalty who provided the voice of the dynamic duo, Sarah Silverman and John C. Reilly…


Q: Vanellope has her own extraordinary journey in the film – tell us about it.


JOHN: Sarah’s character doesn’t just service Ralph in the story; she has her own path, and she has individuality. I think it’s a really important thing that Disney did, to recognise they could each have their own paths, and what it says regarding women’s stereotypes and a way forward.


Q: It also looks at some of the internet’s flaws; Sarah, as an avid user of social media, how do you feel about online life?


SARAH: Well, Twitter is really my main jam – Instagram is just, you know, fun pictures?! The only responsibility I sometimes feel is to push out information that I think people should have. We live in a time of so much misinformation, with the intent of turning ourselves on each other – and it has worked. I do try to be silly and comedic, but I also have a sense of justice… to an obnoxious degree, haha!


Q: Ralph has obviously been a massive hit with younger viewers. What films from your own childhoods had the biggest effect?


JOHN: The movie that made me as a kid was Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. The fact that Gene Wilder was this sensitive man… he was a different kind of guy in the 1970s. I thought “Wow, I could be a man like that – half Willy Wonka, half Charlie Bucket!”


SARAH: So many! Where’s Poppa was huge for me, and continues to be. It’s one you have to seek out, and you won’t believe how modern it is in terms of comedy. I love all that era of movies.