We talk to Mary Poppins Returns star Pixie Davies in the new PLAY magazine

Pixi Davies Mary Poppins Interview

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being a 12-year-old acting superstar? Well, you could just ask Pixie Davies – and we did! The star of Mary Poppins Returns features in the brand new issue of PLAY Magazine, and revealed that her latest role was meant to be.


“I’d read all the books, and the film was my favourite film,” she says of her Poppins pedigree. “I used to come home every day from school and just watch it for hours on end – mesmerised by the magic occuring on screen!”


Of course, there was no shortage of trickery in making the magnificent reboot – available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99 – including bringing the spectacular bathtub screen to life.


“The entire thing was green screen,” Pixie tells us. “We had one or two props, but everything was mainly tennis balls for an eyeline, so it’s really quite strange and surreal to see these things actually happen on screen, and every time you watch it you see a new element to the scene.”


In addition to mastering green screen, the film also saw Pixie rubbing shoulders with Hollywood royalty – including the super nanny herself, Emily Blunt.


“Emily seemed to become Mary Poppins as soon as the word ‘rolling’ was shouted,” she laughs. “They were just so lovely – it makes you want to give them a hug constantly! Honestly, with the love that was on set, by the end of it we were really just a close knit family.”


For loads more, including her favourite tune from the film, the advice she’d give to aspiring actors, and the one role she’d love to play, check out the whole interview right here!