The Ultimate New Year’s Eve Night In


If you don’t want to party like it’s NYE (even when it is!), then a night in front of the TV sounds like a pretty good alternative! And should Jools, Madness and all the rest of the shows on the night that’s in it fail to tickle your fancy, well, there’s more than one ways to skin that cat; feast your eyes on the options below to find ways of starting 2019 on the right foot!






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Spike Lee’s done it again! Entertaining, tense, funny, violent, intriguing and provocative, this one has just about everything you could imagine; the leading pair of John David Washington and Adam Driver are outstanding, and the sharp script and stylish direction shine, but it’s the story – based on the incredible true account of a black police officer infiltrating the white power ground – that’s the real star here.







Now showing on Sky Cinema Premiere, Virgin TV 301


December 31st often prompts us to look back – but how about going a bit further than last January? Steven Spielberg’s eye-popping extravaganza might be set in the future, but it’s packed with delightful retro references and stirring nostalgia. There’s bags of excitement too, as a fortune is up for grabs in a virtual reality game that gets decidedly more serious than a night on the PS4; prepare the popcorn and enjoy!










Seasons 1 & 2 available from December 30th on Virgin Box Sets


You’re probably more than familiar with the Bristol funnyman by now – so it’s time to meet the parents! Well, one of them at least; mum Ninette is Russell’s company for a Stateside jaunt that seems a little different from your average family holiday! It’s not the first time we’ve seen the performer-and-parent-go-travelling concept, but it might be the funniest; it’s also perhaps the most likeable, since there seems to be few attempts at winding up/killing each other!






Season One available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


When someone mentions the Mafia, your first thought probably isn’t Canada; if it is, you shouldn’t enter any TV quiz shows soon! After this series, though, you might change your tune; boasting a stellar cast and the sort of slow-build story that brings to mind some of the finer crime shows of this generation, this new arrival to the streaming service is crying out for a lengthy viewing session when you’ve got a night free!





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