The Movies You’ve Got To Watch This Month


So, we’ve put Christmas behind us,we’re back to work and the gym, trying to keep to our new year’s resolutions, and packing away our presents until next year’s haul. If you’re feeling a bit wary, not to worry – Virgin Media is the gift that keeps on giving! Here we have a bunch of new titles to keep you entertained through the first month of the new year.




Available to rent on Virgin Movies from January 14th from €4.99


The latest effort from our green dream team – Lenny Abrahamson and Domhnall Gleeson – might not seem like the perfect follow up to Frank at first, but as soon as you stick it on you’ll be pulled into a disorientating world of weird logic and even more crackers characters to rival the madness of that one. Perfect for a January evening, if you like your love stories twisted and eerie…



Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Idris Elba made his name in two of the most compelling crime dramas of recent years with The Wire and Luther, so it’s about time he turned his hand to crafting capers from behind the camera, we say. The setting in Yardie is close to the heart for him too – concerning the streets of 80’s Hackney, London where a young Idris cut his teeth, so he can tell the story all too well of a young man trying to avoid the pitfalls in a world of poverty and violence.



Available to rent on Virgin Movies from January 21st from €4.99


What is it with small town America – there’s always some sort of mystery afoot! This one’s no different, with all the twists and turns we’ve come to expect from the atypical backwater with dark secrets. Darcey Bell’s best-selling novel of a woman trying desperately to unravel her best friend’s disappearance loses none of its original impact adapted for screen, and described as Gone Girl on steroids, that’s a pretty hefty impact indeed!



Available to rent on Virgin Movies from January 21st from €4.99


Beautifully shot during a hot New York city summer, this film could serve to warm your toes on those colder January evenings. An exciting coming of age story of an introverted suburban teenager, whose life is transformed when she falls in with an all-girl gang of inner city skaters, it aims to have your heart warmed by the close, too!



Available to rent on Virgin Movies from January 28th from €4.99


The return of one of sci-fi’s most notorious extraterrestrials has us shaking in our boots! The newest addition to the classic franchise sees The Predator up to his old tricks and making Earth his hunting ground once again. Violent, vivid and exhilarating, pop this late-night thriller on the list for when you want an action-packed evening!


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